How to Enjoy Your Pregnancy for a Healthy and Happy Baby

How to Enjoy Your Pregnancy for a Healthy and Happy Baby

Hey, beautiful ladies out there, first of all, I would like to congratulate you if you are reading this article and if you are pregnant. I would like to share with you some inspiring thoughts which will definitely help you make your pregnancy sweet and memorable. A happy pregnancy brings a healthy and happy baby!

Here are a few points to remember :

  1. Be positive. No matter what, this time is important. Ignore all bad vibes and think and live your life positively.
  2. Be happy. Literally, do anything which makes your soul feel happy. A happy soul will bring another happy soul.
  3. Eat healthy. Yes, eat healthy food like nuts, milk, fruits, green vegetables and food rich in proteins, iron and calcium. This will make your baby strong and healthy.
  4. Spend a beautiful and cosy time with your husband. Yes, again this is a time where you need your husband’s support and time. Hold his hands and talk about the baby. Ask him to just touch your baby bump and talk to your baby. This will help strengthen your relationship and you will feel happy and confident about your future baby.
  5. Exercise and walk regularly. Get ready with your maternity dress and hold your husband’s hand and go for a morning/evening walk. Do light exercises as recommended by your doctor. Do some meditation. This will calm your soul, relax your mind and let you spend some more quality time with your partner.
  6. Don’t yell or cry. A very simple way is to ignore people or comments which makes you sad. The more you are happy the more happy your baby will be. So keep smiling!
  7. Make a record. You can actually spend some time writing about how you are feeling as a new mom. Record the baby’s activities like his or her movement, kicks, etc. This will be really exciting when you do it on a monthly basis. And you will cherish it all through your life.
  8. The most important thing is to take some selfies. Take baby bump pics and make it a memory. Take some before pics and think about your after pics. Isn’t it exciting? Be happy and enjoy your time.

Thanks for reading this article. Hope you like it. Take care, you beautiful mom-to-be!

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