Is Comparison a Boon, or a Curse?

Is Comparison a Boon, or a Curse?

Kirti, how old is your baby a women asked me yesterday when I was having a walk in my society? I told she is 16 months the response was a shock she doesn’t look like a 16  month and why she is not running? That women commented along with sarcasm concluding that her daughter started everything in 11 months.

Is your baby sitting, walking, running and talking? If yes then it’s late. Our’s did it very early and if no what kind of mother you are? Every child is different and have their own schedule of their activities. They should not be compared with anyone not in the family, surroundings or any where else.Not even this when babies grows to kids they are being compared on studies, games and everything.

This is so common in our society and it is growing day by day. This comparison has led our lives to be a race in which no one has time for themselves. Since birth every child is compared with siblings at home or relatives or neighbours then schoolmates then college mates and then with their colleagues.

Do you think comparison is good for healthy competition? Each baby or child has a schedule to reach a milestone which they will achieve sooner or later. It’s better to give them time to achieve.

Why there is a need of comparison at every levels? Firstly babies are compared then this get extended to school then college then job then marriage then their kids are compared it’s like a cycle going on.

It would be great if everyone start polishing their child with his or her wish and not what the others are doing.

No one is same every person has his own identity and talent.

Comparison in mind makes our future generations not human beings.

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