Sharing My Personal Experience Regarding Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy.

As soon as you get married people start asking you “any GOOD NEWS” which makes some couples blush while others annoyed. This happened with me too. As I like babies a lot, whenever people asked me such question I always had an answer “when God will bless me, I will have one.”

Soon after my marriage that is after one and half a year, I got pregnant. My pregnancy was unplanned but not unwanted. As it was unexpected, I never pondered about it much, but gradually some intuitions, some strong inner voice came from within that one life is inside of me.

There are many symptoms of pregnancy like nausea, vomiting, fatigue, food cravings, increased urination, moodiness, bloating, light spotting, cramping, constipation, nasal congestion, etc. I felt none of them except some vomits, moodiness and fatigue.

It would be kiddish to share my personal experience here, but I want to. It was Uttarayan, and I was out for my tuitions. While coming back home I bought few balloons for my nephew, but they all flew away. Again I bought some balloons and still the same thing happened. I was feeling like  “my baby is telling me, Mumma I am inside you.” Here I am trying to tell you all that everyone will feel something at such stage of life. Inner happiness is the foremost feeling one can feel.

Finally, I missed my periods and got a pregnancy kit. I had the best result of my life.
The feelings I had I can’t express in words, but these things make you happy from inside. I was feeling on cloud nine. I always had a notion that conceiving is a difficult task, but situations proved me wrong.

Have faith in God. He always has best plans for you.

Will be back with another blog, but till then newlywed couples and parents enjoy this stage of your life. Take care.

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