Are You Happy? Understanding Happiness from a New Mother’s Point of View

Becoming a mother is probably the happiest feeling in the world. When you see your baby for the first time in the delivery room, your eyes fill up with tears of happiness and the satisfaction that you finally did it and your baby has arrived! It feels amazing that you have given birth to a baby who will become a person in the future and people will recognise you as his or her mother. All that you imagined during your pregnancy – the qualities and characteristics and how your baby will look – can finally be seen right in front of you. And then, as soon as you realise who or what kind of a person you want him or her to become, a whole gamut of thoughts start running around your head and you enter a vicious world of ‘expectations VS reality’.You expect your baby, your spouse, your house and your life to be perfect. And you start pushing yourself harder and harder each day to achieve that until your health starts giving up on you and things start getting out of your hand. All this change and struggle around you makes you feel like a failure and you start experiencing a lack of happiness. You want to enjoy, have fun, have a hearty meal and a lovely evening with your family, but you actually end up just waiting for the day to end. At this point, if someone asks you whether you’re happy, you might be in a dilemma as to what to answer them, and you might feel annoyed by the question itself, because your mind says, ‘No, you can’t be happy, as you have not achieved what you planned for’. But if you ask yourself, your heart says, ‘Yes!! Yes…you are happy because you are trying to make it work’. This is because you know that you are giving your best and you know that you can make it happen and because you know that you are enjoying the journey and each and every milestone of the road to nurture your child to become what he can be the best at.And one day, you will see the results of all your efforts and then again you will have tears of happiness in your eyes; when your baby hugs you for the first time or calls out your name, takes his first steps towards you and starts showing his love towards you and many more such things. All the love you gave to your family will come back to you in multiples of millions. You are the only person who can love your kids unconditionally. You have all the reasons to be happy. So go all out and become a child again with your baby. Capture the moments of their childhood. Make imaginary stories with your child. Try new games. Take a nap with them. For these days will pass so soon and soon you will feel no need of anyone asking – are you happy?

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