An Open Heart Surgery Survivor

An Open Heart Surgery Survivor

So here is my child’s experience of surviving an open-heart surgery. Every scan report was normal, with no anomalies detected. Even my five-month scan report showed no deformities in the pregnancy, but as we reached the ninth month, my baby abruptly stopped moving in my womb. My blood pressure began to rise and I was brought to the hospital for three days. However, my blood pressure continued to rise, and we were forced to do an emergency caesarean delivery, and my baby boy was born. He had a respiratory problem soon after delivery, but the doctor couldn’t determine what was causing it because his x-rays were normal, and his lungs were fully formed. My baby was then transferred to a special children’s hospital, where an echocardiogram was performed. The results revealed that he had a cardiac issue and needed to be transferred to a cardiology hospital right away.

My baby was then transferred to a Cardiology and Research Hospital in Ahemdabad at midnight with a ventilator in place. I was not permitted to see my child. My husband and brother carried the baby to the hospital while I was in the hospital for cesarean delivery. It was the most challenging night I’d ever had. Within ten days, I was fully recovered and relocated to Ahmedabad to be with my baby. My baby had heart surgery when he was 19 days old, and the doctor handed him over to us after seven days of recovery. My mother, myself, and my husband worked diligently for the following 20 days in the hospital as my baby’s stitches took a long time to heal.  We were finally discharged and returned home after 45 days. Fortunately, the operation went off without a hitch.

But there was a time when I had given up all hope and asked my mother, “Mera Bacha thik to ho jaega na?” I used to ask my mother and husband this question every day. I used to cry for hours at a time. I used to ask God why he had to put my baby and me through this? No one could comprehend the misery my husband and I was going through. My mother and brothers were the ones who never lost hope and were my pillars of strength. And after 45 days, my kid was eventually brought home.

My baby struggled for his life and emerged victoriously. Being a first-time mother and losing your father merely four months ago requires a great deal of fortitude to overcome such challenges. However, I am fortunate to have a caring husband and family who never grumble about the hardships.  Above all, my child is now in good health. I am grateful to all physicians and nurses who looked after my child so well. My family for always being there for me when I needed them, and last but not least, my husband for standing by my side like a rock and never allowing me to shatter.

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