Surprising Facts That Will Make You Love Your Toddler Even More

Surprising Facts That Will Make You Love Your Toddler Even More

Who is not fascinated with a cute toddler?

Cute as a toddler may be, it takes a lot for many parents to survive this phase of toddlerhood. The most common reasons are terrible two tantrums, picky eating, pranks, etc. The list is endless.

Here are some surprising facts about toddlers that’ll help you see how cute your toddler is, amidst all the tantrums.

  • Until three years of age, toddlers are devoid of kneecaps. Yes, you read it right. Toddlers have no kneecap. They just have cartilage in place of a kneecap.
  • Toddlers can hear things that even we can’t hear. They have a very sensitive hearing power, and can pick up higher frequencies than adults.
  •  Toddlers tend to sleep for 12 hrs a day. No matter how much we worry about them not sleeping through the night, they make up for it.
  • They are ambidextrous, which means they can use both hands. Though we can’t change their predominant hand, they are ambidextrous until they turn two years old.
  • Toddlers have more brain connections than adults. Researchers say brain development happens until the age of three, and they’re right. Before reaching the age of three, a toddler has already formed 1000 trillion brain connections, which is double than that of an adult.
  •  On average, a toddler takes around 178 steps per minute.
  • Toddlerhood is a phase of rapid growth. A toddler can grow in spurts, even ½ inch in one night. So next time you find your toddler a little taller, just accept the fact that you’re not hallucinating.
  • Toddlers have a very tiny tummy, which is just the size of a small fist. That’s why they eat smaller quantities of food and feel hungry several times during the day.
  • On average, a four-year-old child asks 430 questions a day.

Hope you would love your toddler even more after knowing these amazing facts about toddlers.

Happy Parenting!

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