The Third Wave of COVID-19 And Your Baby's Utmost Safety

The Third Wave of COVID-19 And Your Baby’s Utmost Safety

Nowadays, parents, paediatricians, Governments, and even the World Health Organisation (WHO) are worried about a possible infection of children below 18 years of age as there are no vaccinations for this age group of budding Indians.

But we all can try our level best by following these precautions –
  1. Keep your kids indoors
  2. Observe good hygiene
  3. Follow all norms of safety
  4. Give your kids enough and nutritious food items / breast milk
  5. Give them the doses of Influenza vaccinations as per your paediatrician’s opinion
  6. Don’t sneeze or cough in front of the child
  7. Use masks and sanitiser if you are having any viral symptoms
  8. Be strong physically and mentally
  9. Stay home, stay safe
  10. This is a national medical emergency and every Indian must help/cooperate with the Government to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic
  11. Don’t believe in any rumours about the Covid-19, and don’t follow unscientific things like social taboos and myths related to the pandemic
  12. Support your kids psychologically as well
  13. Help and respect our frontline COVID warriors like doctors, police and sanitary team. Don’t demoralise them.
Have a high physical and mental health status and defeat this deadly COVID pandemic.
During this situation, you should give your baby the Influenza vaccinations – two doses at the intervals of 4-6 weeks if your child is less than eight years old. Give your child only one dose of the Influenza vaccination if they are more than 8 years old.
COVID is a type of flu, so if you give your baby the Influenza vaccinations, then he may get some protection from COVID infection. So give it as per your child’s age.
If your baby is less than 1-year-old, then you should eat enough nutritious food items so that they may get good immunity.
If your child is more than 12 months old, then give him enough nutritious food and the recommended doses of the Influenza vaccine.
Influenza vaccination is not available at Government hospitals, but you can get it administered by your paediatrician.
Observe all the norms of safety and give your baby a bigger umbrella.
All the best to you and your baby!
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