Are You Gonna Have a Boy or a Girl?

Are You Gonna Have a Boy or a Girl?

Warning: This quiz is neither scientifically backed nor proved! It has been created based on myths and old wives’ tales! So have fun mommies, and click through a quiz that will guess whether you are having a boy or a girl!

1. Have You Decided on Baby Names?

  1. We have picked girl names, but not boy names.
  2. We have picked boy names, but not girl names.
  3. We’ve picked both girl and boy names.

2. What Types of Food Have You Been Craving?

  1. Sweet cravings like mithais and cookies.
  2. Sour and tangy cravings like lemons and pickles, yogurt.
  3. I get both sweet and sour food cravings.

3. Do You Get Cravings for More Protein in Your Diet?

  1. No. Fruits and snack foods, but rarely protein.
  2. Yes. Eggs, chicken and cheese are my new favorites.
  3. My cravings are quite balanced, I eat everything.

4. Have You Been Dreaming About Your Baby?

  1. I dream of a baby girl.
  2. I dream of a baby boy.
  3. I don’t dream about babies.
  4. 5. Have You Had Serious Morning Sickness?
  1. I have morning sickness all day long!
  2. Nope, I feel absolutely fantastic!
  3. It’s nothing unexpected, slight morning sickness.

6. Has Your Hair Changed Since Getting Pregnant?

  1. It’s become thin and dull.
  2. Shinier and more full-bodied.
  3. Other than needing a trim, it’s the same!

7. Is Your Hubby Putting on Weight Along With You?

  1. Yes, thank god!
  2. Nope, it’s just me!
  3. He’ll never tell!

8. Have Your Nails Changed Since Getting Pregnant?

  • They feel thin and brittle.
  • They’re growing faster and stronger.
  • The seem to be the same.

9. My Feet Feel Warm and Toasty

  1. No, my feet feel warm and toasty.
  2. Yes, I constantly feel like I am standing on ice.
  3. They aren’t any warmer or cooler than usual.

10. Do You Feel Like You Have Been Getting Mood Swings?

  1. I laugh and cry at the drop of a hat – very moody.
  2. No mood swings, I’ve been feeling more positive.
  3. I can’t tell, maybe?

11. Has Pregnancy Made You Clumsy or Graceful?

  1. I feel more graceful.
  2. I feel more clumsy.
  3. I’m not sure.

12. Which Side Do You Prefer to Sleep On?

  1. I sleep on my right side.
  2. I sleep on my left side.
  3. I switch sides in my sleep.


1. Mostly A’s

It’s a girl! Congratulations new mommy! Now you can prepare to welcome your newest little family member and the apple of your eye!

2. Mostly B’s

It’s a boy! Congratulations new mommy! Now you can prepare to welcome your newest little family member and the joy of your life!

3. Mostly C’s

It’s a baby! Congratulations new mommy – you’re gonna get a surprise! You don’t need to know if it’s a boy or girl, coz the baby is already the light of your life.

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