5 Fun Activities That Help You Teach Your Baby Say Mom

5 Fun Activities That Help You Teach Your Baby Say Mom

Are you pleased to hear your baby babbling and uttering some simple, short words? Are you eager to hear your dear little one say ‘Mom’ when she finds you in front of her? If you nodded along excitedly, then you should work to train your baby speak out ‘Mom’. So, you need to know some effective tricks and fun activities that can make your little bundle of joy utter ‘Mom’ and bring smile on your face. Read on to find out how.

When Does Your Baby Start Speaking Basic Words?

You will find your baby babbling adorably when she is 6 to 8 months old. You can hear her making vowel sounds, adding consonants to her babble, and imitate sounds that he hears you speak. Once your baby completes nine months and when it’s time to celebrate his first birthday, you can hear him talking his first basic words, such as ‘Mama’ or ‘Baba’. And, this is the time when you can teach your little bundle of energy to say ‘Mom’.

Here Are Five Fun Games and Activities That Can Help You Teach Your Tiny Tot Say ‘Mom’

1. Under The Blanket Activity

This is a fun activity to play with a blanket while teaching your baby say ‘Mom’. When the two of you are sitting on the bed, enjoy fun and games with the baby’s blanket, rattles and loveys. You can hide your face behind the blanket for a moment, then emerge and say ‘Mom’ while pointing to yourself. Repeat this activity a few more times. As you emphasize on the word ‘Mom’ while talking to her, your little one will grasp that word soon and start speaking it once he sees you. This is also a lesson in object permanence. Your baby realizes that you are still there even when behind the blanket!

2. Door Knocking Activity

This is another fun activity involving you, your baby, and baby’s father. Let your spouse and baby get inside the baby’s room and you go outside the door. Now, you knock on the door and your spouse asks ‘Who is it?’ Knock again and let your spouse open the door asking ‘Who is it?’ As the door opens and your baby sees you enter the room, you and your spouse say ‘Mom’. Repeat this game a few more times and soon your baby will start talking ‘Mom’ as soon as he hears a knock on the door.

3. Hide-n-Seek Game

When your baby is playing in his room, you can introduce him to the game of hide and seek. Hide from plain view but in spots close to your baby. Then, call out to your baby from your hiding place. Let your baby look around for you. Then, come out of your hiding place, hold your baby to you and say ‘Here is Mom’. Repeating this a few times daily will make your baby say ‘Mom’, once he hears you calling him out.

4. Show Your Baby Photo Album

Create a wonderful photo album of all family members such that each page of album holds one picture and that picture comprises only one family member. Show your little one this fantastic album and, when your photo comes, point a finger at your photo and say ‘Mom’ loudly. Keep on pointing out at your photo and saying ‘Mom’ and soon your tiny tot will say ‘Mom’ as soon as he sees you.

5. Play Your Video

Create a video of you and your baby displaying you playing with your little one, showing him toys, feeding him food with a spoon, and other fun activities. Play this video on your large screen at home and show it to your baby. Point out at you when you are seen in the video and say ‘Mom’. Soon your baby will start saying ‘Mom’ once you start playing the video.

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