Best Toys for 10 Months to 1 Year Old Baby - Safety Tips & How To Choose

Toys for 10 Months to 1 Year (12 Months) Old Baby

Babies are adored by everyone. Be it the parents or the grandparents; when it comes to the little one’s happiness, everyone can go to any extent. And, what could be better than surprising your little one with toys. While there are all sorts of toys in the market, choosing the right one is important. Let’s explore the world of toys that you could choose for your baby who has started to know the world better.

Toys that Encourage Physical Development

Physical development is the most important part of growth when your little one starts to gain his consciousness.

1. Skill Development

You could opt for the following for encouraging physical development:

  • Act actively is the key here. You need to pull up your little one, try to make him stand on his feet while holding his hands. Next, point out at things nearby and try to generate curiosity in them as to what it is.
  • Steer clear the area from any obstacles. Keep the playing area clear so that your little one can analyse the toy and play with it.
  • You could also use your language to describe the toy and what all it is capable of doing. This could help your kid to transmit information; even a bit of it is beneficial.

2. Recommended Toys

  • Puppy Walker
  • The Town Bus
  • Bounce And Spin Zebra

Toys That Encourage Physical Development

Educational Toys

When your baby steps into his one year, it becomes important to introduce the educational toys.

1. Skill Development

Follow the mentioned steps for encouraging educational sprees:

  • Educational toys help in inducing basic learning of concepts. These toys make sure that alphabets, numbers, shapes, and colours get introduced to your little one. You need to sit with them and interpret information practically for better understanding.
  • Encourage your baby more by playing number, colour, or alphabet games with him. You could start with “mom” and “dad”, as these are the first words a kid learns.

2. Recommended Toys

  • Fruits And Fun Learning Market
  • Wooden Pounding Bench
  • The Abacus
  • Walking Bus Toys

Educational Toys for 1-Year-Old

Toys with Fun Surprises

Who doesn’t like surprises? Surprises add excitement and fun in life for babies.

1. Skill Development

You could do the following to encourage fun and play to your baby’s world:

  • Sit with your baby and show enticement on your facial expressions. Please Make them wonder why you are astonished at a fact. This will make them think twice about what might end up in learning something.
  • Make use of words that describe the toy and its capabilities. This will help them in analysing what is before them and learn the tricks

2. Recommended Toys

  • The Elephant Set
  • Giggles Nesting Eggs
  • IONIX Jake’s Cabin Block Set

Toys With Fun Surprises for 1-Year-Old

Role Play Toys

Babies try to follow what they observe around them. The art of imitation is important when it comes to proper development.

1. Skill Development

Let’s look into what you can do to encourage role-play with the 10-month-old baby toys:

  • If you have a real counterpart of the toy that is actually used in real life, use it before your little one. Let them observe you and imitate the same with the toy.
  • In case you have a musical toy that sings, you can sing along so that your baby at least hums the music.

2. Recommended Toys

  • The Doctor Set
  • Power Tool Set
  • The Weighing Machine Toy
  • The Fruit Vegetable Set

Role Play Toys for 1-Year-Old

Push Toys

These toys help a baby learn to crawl and walk. Choosing a push toy that is heavy is a recommended option.

1. Skill Development

These are 1-year-old toys, and you can encourage its use by:

  • Always be there with your kids when they use these push toys. Being there at every step would make them believe and build trust in you.
  • Let them walk around for about 15-20 minutes or even less. Let them feel comfortable and make them enjoy the ride. The moment they cry or feel irritated, make them sit.

2. Recommended Toys

  • Basics Corn Popper
  • The Baby Walker
  • Pidoko Kids Block
  • Shopping Carts

Push Toys for 1-Year-Old

Sorting Toys

This is a game that helps your kid become the problem solver of tomorrow. Sorting toys help in developing the thinking skills.

1. Skill Development

This is how you can develop the thinking skills:

  • Let your baby see for themselves what the toy is all about. When they fail to get an idea, help them once and let them do it again by themselves.
  • Do not force your little one into anything. Let them take their time to learn things.

2. Recommended Toys

  • Sorting Cube
  • Barnyard Sorting Cube
  • Wooden Stack Gears
  • Shape Sorting Toy

Sorting Toys for 1-Year-Old


Be it throwing, kicking, or bouncing a ball; these toys help in developing motor skills and learning hand-eye coordination.

1. Skills Development

You can develop these skills by encouraging them by:

  • Choose softer balls as the harder ones could end up hurting your baby.
  • Encourage indoor play as these baby toys for 12 months old are safer to play when under the vigilance

2. Recommended Toys

  • Spin Ball Toy
  • Pop And Play Ferret Ball Pit
  • Boeing Balls
  • Baby Touch Hand Balls

Balls for 1-Year-Old

Toys with Buttons and Dials

The toys with buttons and dials help a kid become smart. Moreover, when you talk over your phones, it entices your little one.

1. Skill Development

Giving them their phone toy could help become fast learners.

  • Hold your real phones in hand and talk fake over the other end. This will lead to the baby imitating you and thus following your footsteps.
  • Do not help your baby every time and let them press all keys and discover by themselves what surprises the key holds.

2. Recommended Toys

  • The Cartoon Phone
  • Telephonic Fire Engine
  • Chat & Count Phone

Toys with Buttons And Dials for 1-Year-Old

Building Blocks

When you give your kids blocks to play with, you are indirectly developing their stacking skills.

1. Skill Development

You can encourage its play by:

  • Help build the block with your kid and knock it off. The laugh you see on your little one’s face would be worth it.
  • Let them play with it and silently notice what they do next.

2. Recommended Toys

  • House Building Blocks
  • Educational Blocks
  • Marble Run Toy

Building Blocks for 1-Year-Old

Pail and Shovel

When your baby loves to throw and fill something again, these pail and shovel toys come in handy.

1. Skill Development

You can encourage its play by:

  • Take your baby to a nearby park or a beach and let them play but under supervision.
  • Make your kids wear dark clothes so that they can mess up and still look tidy

2. Recommended Toys

  • Hape Beach Basics
  • Sand Beach Toy Set
  • Flowery Pail And Shovel

Pail And Shovel Toys for 1-Year-Old

What Does Age Recommendation Labels On Toys Mean?

Age recommendations denote:

  • Physical And Mental Capability
  • Interests
  • Safety
  • Development phases of a baby
  • History of the toy in question

Safety Tips For Babies

Recommendations for safety include:

  • Choose a sturdy toy
  • Should have soft edges
  • Should be devoid of toxic paint

How To Help Your Baby Learn While Playing?

This is how you can encourage learning:

  • By letting them be their own hero
  • Use descriptive words wherever possible
  • Buy toys that serve both fun and learning

Tips On How To Choose Best Toys

Prefer the following when choosing toys:

  • Look for the purpose you want the toy for
  • Choose toys that can come in handy in multiple ways
  • Go for problem-solving toys

Now that you know everything about toys for your 10-1-year-olds go and grab the best one. Last but not the least, always be there with your baby no matter what. They should understand that you are always there to make them learn and grow.

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