Best Toys for 9 Months Old Baby - Safety Tips & How To Choose

Toys for 9 Months Old Baby

If you have a 9-month-old baby, she is probably able to sit, crawl or able to walk by holding on to furniture for support. You can help your 9-month-old develop sensory, cognitive, language, and motor skills using toys that are fun to play with.

Stacking and Building Toys

Stacking and building toys are fun to play with for babies. Here are the skills they help develop in 9-month-olds:

1. Skill Development

  • Fine motor skills: Reaching for the toys with their hands and grasping and picking up the parts with their fingers help develop fine motor skills in 9-month-olds.
  • Hand-eye coordination: Arranging the parts in a stack helps develop hand-eye coordination.
  • Colour recognition ability:  The colourful parts help babies develop the ability to recognise colours.

2. Recommended Toys

  • Stack and Roll Cups: These area set of colourful, multi-sized cups that can be stacked over each other or nestled into each other. Two cups can also be joined to form balls that can be rolled around.
  • Stack and Explore Boxes: There are colourful 5-sided blocks that can be stacked over each other or nestled into each other. The sides have different numbers, pictures, and textures for that baby to look at and feel.

Stacking and Building Toys for 9 Months Old Baby

Sorting Toys

Sorting toys are immensely enjoyable for babies and can keep them occupied for hours.

1. Skill Development

  • Fine Motor Skills: Picking up ad grasping the components of sorting toys help in developing fine motor skills of the fingers and hands.
  • Cognitive Abilities: The baby will try to process information, reason, and relate while sorting the different shapes and colours, thus helping to improve cognitive abilities.
  • Sensory Development: Sorting toys help in developing vision and touch by encouraging hand-eye coordination.

2. Recommended Toys

  • Shape Sorter: The shape sorter has a lid with different shaped holes (such as a star, square, circle, and triangle) and a container that can hold blocks of various shapes. The baby has to sort different shaped blocks by putting them into the corresponding shaped opening.
  • Clear Containers with Coloured Balls: The baby has to sort different coloured balls and put them into clear containers.
  • Cube-Shaped Sorter: This is similar to the shape sorter, but the various shaped blocks are attached to the cube-shaped sorter by strings.

Sorting Toys for 9 Months Old Baby

Push And Cruising Toys

Pushing and cruising toys are suitable for babies who can crawl or walk with support.

1. Skill Development

  • Gross Motor Skills: Pushing or pulling toys around the house can help develop the baby’s arm, torso, and leg muscles.
  • Cognitive Abilities: Deciding in which direction to pull the toy, and remembering the way around the house helps enhance the baby’s cognitive abilities.
  • Spatial Awareness: While using pushing and cruising toys, babies will understand the position of objects with respect to themselves.

2. Recommended Toys

  • Apple Turnover: A toy with wheels on which there is an apple that rotates.
  • Pull-along Turtle: A turtle on wheels with a string to pull it along.
  • Baby Walker: A car-shaped toy with a handle that the baby can use to push the toy around.

Push And Cruising Toys for 9 Months Old Baby

Toys With Buttons And Dials

Babies love colourful buttons and dials. They are often fascinated by mobiles and remote control devices.

1. Skill Development

  • Fine motor skills: Using the tiny buttons and dials can help your baby develop her the muscles of her hands and fingers.
  • Language abilities: Using a toy phone or mobile to mimic adult speech helps the baby develop language abilities.
  • Colour Recognition: The brightly-coloured buttons help a child learn about colours.

2. Recommended Toys

  • Toy mobile: This looks like an adult mobile phone and has multi-coloured buttons.
  • Toy Remote: This looks like a TV remote with coloured buttons that play sounds or light up.
  • Toy Piano: This looks like a mini-piano and makes musical sounds when the keys are pressed.

Buttons And Dials Toys for 9 Months Old Baby

Language Development Toys

These toys help the baby improve her language abilities.

1. Skill Development

  • Language Abilities: These toys help the baby improve her language abilities.
  • Basic Speech Rhythm: Listening to recorded sounds on the toy can help the baby learn about the basic rhythms and patterns of speech.
  • Taking Turns: Language development toys teach the baby about taking turns while talking.

2. Recommended Toys

  • Learning Market: A toy with buttons shaped like fruits or vegetables. The buttons play recorded sounds that describe fruits and vegetables.
  • Puppy House: Shaped like a dog house, it has buttons to play songs that teach the alphabet and counting.
  • Musical smartphone: This looks like an adult’s smartphone. The buttons give realistic sounds and also plays rhymes and music.

Language Development Toys for 9 Months Old Baby


When parents read books to their babies, it helps them bond better.

1. Skill Development

  • Language abilities: Reading books to babies improves their language abilities.
  • Love for Reading: Reading a book to your little one helps to inculcate a love for reading.

2. Recommended Toys

  • ABC Cloth Book: Made of cloth and plastic, the pages have different textures and buttons that play songs.
  • First 100 Animals Board Book: A board book that contains names and pictures of different animals.
  • Things-That-Go Board Book: A board book that has pictures of various kinds of vehicles.

Books for 9 Months Old Baby

Easy To Hold Balls

Babies find these toys delightful as they can bounce and roll.

1. Skill Development

  • Fine motor skills: Picking up or grasping the ball improves the baby’s fine motor abilities.
  • Colour recognition: Babies can learn about colours from these toys.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Trying to bounce the ball or roll it in a specific direction will improve your baby’s hand-eye coordination.

2. Recommended Toys

  • Bendy Ball Rattle: A ball with a rattle that is bendable and can be easily gripped.
  • Activity Balls: The balls flash with lights and play sounds when they are rolled or shaken.
  • Water Tub Balls: These are brightly-coloured, soft plastic balls that can be used in the water tub while bathing your baby.

Easy To Hold Balls for 9 Months Old Baby

Pail And Shovel

Babies love playing with sand. A pail and a shovel is a great choice that will keep them occupied for hours.

1. Skill Development

  • Fine Motor Skills: Using the pail and shovel with their hands helps babies develop fine motor skills.
  • The sense of Texture: Playing in the sand helps babies develop an understanding of various textures.

2. Recommended Toys

  • Beach Basics Toy Set: Sand toys including a pail and shovel.
  • Jumbo Beach Set: Sand toys including rake, sifter, and watering can.
  • Sand-Moulding Set: Sand toys including beach moulds.

Pail And Shovel Toy for 9 Months Old Baby

What Does Age Recommendation Label On Toys Mean?

  • Age recommendation label on toys is a guide to make purchasing decisions about that toy based on your child’s abilities and developmental requirements.
  • It tells you that the toy is suitable for the average capabilities and interests of children in that particular age group.

Safety Tips For Babies

Safety tips to ensure that toys do not harm your baby include:

  • Buy age-appropriate toys.
  • Ensure toys do not have small parts that can be swallowed or cause choking.
  • Buy toys that are BPA-free
  • Check the contents to make sure the toys are non-toxic, as babies often put toys in their mouth.
  • Baby-proof the house and make sure the way is clear when the baby is walking or cruising around.
  • Monitor the baby closely when she plays with her toy to make sure she is safe.
  • Make sure the pull-along toys string does not choke or trip the baby.
  • Wash your baby’s hands thoroughly after sand play to avoid illness.

How To Help Your Baby Learn While Playing?

  • Read to your baby using voices and impressions.
  • Teach her names of colours using her favourite toys.
  • Tell her the names of the various shapes in a shape sorter.
  • Introduce letters of the alphabet to your baby using an ABC book
  • Teach your baby about numbers when you play together.
  • Play peek-a-boo with the toys to teach your baby about object permanence.

How To Choose Best Toys For Your 9-Month-Old Baby?

  • Buy toys based on your 9-month-old’s developmental stage and capabilities.
  • Examples of top toys for 9-month-old baby girl include musical toys, dolls, and soft toys.
  • Examples of baby boy toys 9 months old babies would like to include pull-along trucks and building blocks.
  • Avoid expensive toys with elaborate or complicated settings
  • Choose simple toys which provide the best learning experience along with entertaining your child.

Do follow the above tips when it comes to toys and your 9-month-old!

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