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PLayDoh Provides Great Learning Experience for My Baby

I have always used only Play-Doh for Aryaa and she loves playing with it. Thanks to its non toxic feature, it has been my go to choice always. Aryaa is a creative child as she is a lefty, so art and craft is what she indulges in all time. We encourage her further by providing learning experiences with products that inspire her. Be it colours, books, craft material or Play Doh, we keep trying out new ways to inculcate her hobbies. We recently got Aryaa the Letters and Language set from Play-Doh’s ‘Shape & Learn’ range as she has recently started learning to read and write A,B,C,D in school. It not only is a great way of teaching her the letters through a multi-sensory experience, but it also helps us in understanding her progress, and of course a great way to spend time with her. She loves the entire kit as it contains different colours of Play-Doh, letter stamps, a rolling pin and a stylus which helps her create some beautiful letters. The Together Time Guide is full of fun ideas and skill building activities that makes play-time with her even more rewarding. We definitely are seeing it benefit Aryaa and she also comes back happier from school as she knows her letters a lot better now. For early thinkers like Aryaa, the ‘Shape & Learn’ range is definitely a great product!

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