Clothes and Accessories Moms Need to Stop Using

5 Boring Mommy Clothes to Throw Out of the Closet!

So what if you’re mom to a five year old? That’s no reason to wear boring mommy clothes! It’s time to dig into your closet and indulge in some purging. And it’s not just clothes, there are certain accessories moms need to stop using for good too!

We know it’s difficult to say goodbye to what you’ve been wearing for years. Moreover, with 101 things to see to, the least of your worries is getting a wardrobe makeover. Some moms feel that their present shape doesn’t qualify them for the latest in fashion wear. Well, the good news is that shape and size are no bar to looking and feeling good. Start by retiring these 6 types of clothing and accessories and see a change in how you look!

Clothes And Accessories Moms Should Rid Their Closets

1. Baggy ‘mom’ jeans

It’s high time you got rid of those faded baggy jeans you’ve been wearing since the start of time. Wearing those jeans makes you look like you’re still clinging on to the late 80’s. And unless you are sporting retro shades and side locks, there isn’t any reason you should! You need not replace them with skinny-fit jeans but just get something that gives you more shape.

2. Yoga pants

It’s all good if you want to wear them to your yoga classes in the morning. But when you get too comfortable in them and opt to wear them instead of your trousers or jeans, there’s trouble. When out with your kids or your husband, take some time to pick a pair of well-fitted trousers or a medium-length skirt instead.

3. Slinky mini dresses

They made you the centre of attraction once upon a time – not anymore. Even if you can still fit into them, it’s time you hand them down to your daughter or nieces. Mini dresses are exactly the kind of dress moms need to stop wearing; you don’t want people thinking you’re trying to look ‘sweet sixteen’ now, after all.

4. Oversized T-shirts

If you love wearing giant T-shirts that you wore during your maternity, you should really stop. They are not flattering in the least and make you look like you bought the wrong size at the store. Ill-fitting T-shirts will only draw closer attention to your problem areas. Swap them with some well-fitting ones that’ll complement your body and make you look better groomed.

5. Tic tac clips

How convenient to tie a ponytail and keep the hair in place with those colourful tic tac clips, right? No! These are one of the accessories moms need to stop using; give them to your daughter instead. If you want to keep the hair from getting in your face, use a fashionable hair band or a stylish barrette. Even plain coloured bobby pins should be good.

It’s true that the clothes sitting in your closet for a decade are the ones you’ve grown accustomed to. They are comfortable and hold sentimental value. But at some point of time, you have got to ring out the old and ring in the new. Why not get down to ditching these clothes moms need not wear anymore – immediately!!

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