140 Popular Hispanic Baby Names for Girls

140 Popular Hispanic Baby Names for Girls

The names from Spain have both maternal and paternal surnames. These names have a softness, a charisma with an impactful meaning in itself. Parents give names to their loved ones which also creates the identity for them but adding value to the name is in the hand of the kid. One’s hard work reflects values in their name. The Latino parents expect some short names to fit well with their surnames or last names. In many families, babies get names after their surnames.

Unique and Beautiful Hispanic Baby Girl Names With Meanings

We have come up with a list of Spanish baby girl names that can be used all over the world. In any case, if you are looking for a trendy name not chosen by many families, then you are in the right place.

Names Meanings
Adalina This Spanish name means princess or a noble lady who can rule the world. Thus it is a strong and powerful women
Adelita From the name itself, you can figure out what it means ‘adoration’. Each baby is adorable, so I believe it can fit the requirement.
Adoncia It is a great name which means noble, warrior women. Such individuals fight all odds and acquire success.
Adora Is an exotic name which means ‘winged’. Girls with this name fly high in their life and are happy always.
Agata This name sounds very poetic and is one of the exotic Spanish girl names. In Latin, it means ‘to admire’.
Agueda The meaning of this name is ‘good’. People with such a fantastic name generally has a different charisma and acceptable attitude.
Aina For every parent, their child is their most important part of life. Thus this name is highly suitable as it means ‘beloved’.
Aleta This name is short, classy and ever-green. People with such names are generally very graceful.
Alita If you are a believer in spirituality, then this is the perfect choice of name for you as it means ‘holy’.
Alondra Are you interested in traditional names then this is the correct option for you? It means ‘messenger of God or angel’.
Amada In Latin, it means ‘invaluable’. Though traditional but a sweet, decent name.
Ana Babies are the pure soul, and thus this name fits them perfectly. Parents opting for such a name must have an excellent choice.
Ángela This female Greek name means ‘messenger of God’ or ‘angel’.
Angelica It means a great warrior. In this competitive era, it is vital to fight for existence.
Anita It is one of the pretty names which means ‘friend of God’. Girls with such name generally have a very adorable soul.
Antonia It is one of those Latina names which sounds graceful. The name is as beautiful as its name, Lily.
Ariadna A unique name which means ‘solitude’.
Basilia This name is short, sweet and adorable, which means ‘well-born’. It can suit well for your little one.
Beatriz In Latin, this name refers to ‘sun’. Girls with this name shine like a sun and put her impact on people around her.
Benita This Latin name can never lose its charm. It is always in trend, and it means ‘wisdom’.
Bibiana This cute, short and adorable name means ‘holy’. It sounds decent and straightforward.
Bienvenida In Latin, it means a violet flower. Name of your daughter after a flower name will be super cool and trendy.
Bonita It is a traditional name which means a noble lady or a princess. Opting for this name can turn to be the right decision.
Caridad This Hispanic name means ‘holy’. Individuals with such a name are down to earth in nature and are well-connected to their family.
Carmen Every mother will wish for a good and prosperous life for their child. Therefore, this name will be perfect as in Latin it means ‘health’.
Celestina The name means ‘victory’ and is quite popular. People with such a name very successful in life.
Celia This name has a charming meaning, dew.
Clarisa This one of the traditional, Latin baby girl names which means ‘queen’. Girls with such a name generally rule their life.
Corazon Every parent believes that their child is God’s blessing. Thus, this name is perfect as it means ‘blessed’.
Crescencia It reflects power; generally, girls with such a name have amazing abilities to shine in their future
Deifilia This Hispanic name means ‘pretty’ and is a lovely name.
Doncia Every parent blesses their children with a happy and long life. So this name is more like a blessing from them as it means ‘alive’.
Dorita Life is a mixture of lots of emotions and adventures. People with this name generally be found of travelling throughout their life.
Edelmira Though the name is quite short, it is very much impactful. It reflects the father, son and a holy ghost trio.
Eduarda A pretty baby always deserves a name like this. It means ‘dear’.
Elena A baby is like a dream to their parents. This Hispanic name means ‘heavenly’ which fits in the scenario.
Enriqueta This name is prevalent in South America but is apt for babies all over the world. It means ‘song’.
Ercilia This Spanish name is fantastic; it means ‘invaluable’. Naturally, it is an excellent choice for your little princess.
Esmeralda Every parent does hope for a fantastic future for their child. Girls with this name generally achieve a lot of fame in life.
Esperanza It has a definite meaning, that is, heaven. Many parents take this name for its simplicity.
Estefanía This beautiful, traditional Spanish name means ‘crown’.
Estrella A beautiful daughter is like a rose, keeping the name of your child after a flower is really in trend now. This name means ‘rose’.
Eugenia This lyrical name tells that the person with such a name is ‘little noble’ and thus can be the best name for your love.
Eulalia This Hispanic name reflects ‘a bright future’ of a person. Parents always wish for the same; thus, this is a highly acceptable name.
Evita Every child is very precious to their parents; automatically, this name suits them. The meaning of this name is ‘pearl’.
Felicidad This Spanish name means ‘a powerful ruler’. An individual with such a name leads the world in future. It is one of the influential Spanish girl names.
Fidelia This adorable name means ‘queen’. So why not to take it and add a personality in your daughter.
Gabriela This name means a wise protector; such individuals are generally quite aware of their surroundings.
Gracia It is a very uncommon name. Its uniqueness makes it unique, the name means ‘ancient’.
Graciana We all should respect our Almighty. Thus we can honour him by accepting this name as it means ‘who is healed by God’.
Idoya Though it is a short name, it very trendy, it means ‘pious’.
Ines From the name only we can make it that it means pearl. All our children are too precious for us, and thus this name seems suitable.
Isabel A baby is the heart of their parents. So we can name them Corazon as it means, heart. It will be a lovely gesture to show love.
Jacinta A parent gives their everything to provide a kind present and a better future to their child. This name thus refers to ‘thriving or growing up’.
Juana If you have faith in your Almighty and trust in yourself, then this is the name we can suggest you which means ‘daughter of the Almighty’.
Leocadia Babies are so adorable. In Latin, we can name them as Donica, which means ‘sweet’.
Lucia God has fulfilled your prayers for a baby. He has gifted you with an angel. Thus you can name her Dorita, which means ‘gift’.
Luisa Parents pray for their child’s happy and prosperous life. Therefore one can take this name as it means ‘a guardian of prosperity’.
Luisina As a parent, you can gift your daughter a bright life by naming her Elena as it means torch or light.
Luiz In itself this name is royal, it means ‘nobly famous’.
Macarena It is a Hispanic name which means ‘home ruler’. People with such a name usually be the centre of attraction at home and can lead all in the right direction.
Manuela Manuela shares roots in Hebrew and Spanish culture and means ‘God is with us’.
Marcela Marcela is a Latin name meaning ‘dedicated to Mars’.
Marta A baby girl is super sensitive; we all handle them with utmost care. This name reflects your emotional attachment with them; it means ‘delicate and tender’.
Micaela A variant of Mikaela, the name refers to someone ‘who is like God’.
Miguela This name is neither too traditional nor too exotic; it means dove, which is a sign of peace and harmony.
Mireia The name can express your love for your daughter. This trendy, funky name means ‘everlasting’.
Monica In Latin, the name means ‘cautious’. There are lots of hurdles for them to face throughout life. Individuals with such name are aware of their surroundings always.
Nina Every parent wants their child to reach the zenith of success in life; both material and emotional wealth play a considerable role. This name refers to wealth.
Nohemi In this competitive era, it is crucial to be outspoken. Thus this name can quickly create an identity of being ‘well-spoken’.
Nuria It is a musical name full of joy. People with such name are always found happy and enjoying life to its fullest; they spread a positive vibe around the.
Odalis People with such name is a hope for many people who are in need or pain. This name means ‘illumination’.
Olalla Age never matters. Your daughter will always be your little one, and thus this name also states ‘a little girl’.
Olivia This Latin name means ‘olive tree’.
Paloma One of the most famous Spanish names for girls, which means ‘a counsel or an advisor’.
Palmira This cutesy Portuguese name means ‘palm tree’ or ‘city of palms’.
Patricia This Spanish name means ‘noble’.
Peppi It is a trending name. Girls with such names are a famous warrior, and they know to fight their own battle.
Perla This Spanish name also means ‘outspoken personality’. Girls with such a personality can win the game in all situations.
Pia It means ‘well-born’. Babies with such names love their parents very much and respect them immensely.
Priscila A child is precious to every parent. Therefore, they can opt for this name as it means ’emerald’.
Prudencia This Hispanic name also means warrior more accurately ‘a warrior of God’. These girls are self-sufficient, confident and always have a clear idea about what they are doing.
Rafaela Parents try their best to teach their children all the moral values of life. This name means ‘faithful’, and thus, we expect these people to be loyal.
Ramona A child brings lots of happiness to a family. This name suits them the most as it means ‘luck and happiness’ both together.
Reina For your little girl’s queen-like personality, the Spanish name means ‘queen’.
Reyna It s is one of the appealing names. It sounds very adorable and graceful; it means agreeable and pleasing.
Ricarda A baby completes a family and turns to be their life. This name is so satisfying, and it means ‘life’. You can choose this name to show your affection.
Rita This name comes from Spain, and it means ‘star’. Individuals with this name are famous in their life and gain a lot of fame.
Robertina It is a poetic as well as an exotic name which means ‘hope’. An individual with these names generally be beneficial and turns out to be a ray of hope to the poor and needy.
Rocia It reflects the perfect and pure soul of an infant. The name describes their innocence.
Rosita It is a cute and short name; it means pond. People with such names are fond of nature.
Salud In Latin, the meaning of this name is ‘pleasing’, and it suits the infants well. They are the real bundle of joy to every parent and family.
Sanchia This name blends well with your adorable baby; it means ‘sweet’. By giving this name, you can tell them their values in your life.
Sara Being a good person in life is very important. By accepting this name, you can give a fundamental identity to your daughter as it means ‘good’.
Sens This unique Latin name is one of the top listed names. It means ‘grace’ and sounds decent and graceful.
Sofia It means ‘noble’, every girl is special to their parents, and they try their best to keep them like a princess.
Sol This Hispanic baby girl’s name means ‘lark.’
Soledad This name is commonly used all over the world, which means ‘favour’. It inevitably steps into the recommended list.
Susanita Gift your daughter this name as a person with such a name welcomes – happiness, love, luck, peace, and harmony all around.
Teofila If your family is a religious one and looking for a name of that kind, then this is the one. It means ‘God is all to me’.
Tonia In Latin, it means ‘holy’. This short name proves that an exotic name need not be long and complicated.
Trini This name is trendy and commonly used in South Americ. It means ‘hyacinth flower.’ Names after flowers are now in trend too.
Valentia An individual with such names has a great belief in God and his supernatural powers. It means ‘God is Respectable and Gracious’.
Veronica The meaning of this name is ‘light’. These people later grow to be a hope for many needy people. They lighten even the darkest region by their charisma.
Violeta This name refers to a famous warrior. Such people are very confident in themselves and have lots of guts to fight all hurdles in life.
Viviana This cheery girl’s name means ‘lively’.
Xenia It is one of the most commonly used names in Latin America, which means ‘light – a ray of hope’ to people in pain and need.
Xiomara A baby is a gift to all parents. By taking this name, they show their love and affection to their daughter as Macarena means ‘blessed’.
Ynez Girls with such a name generally grow up to be a beautiful, graceful, confident, and elegant woman.
Zarita This Hispanic name means ‘one who is like God’; parents can opt for this name to convey their love to their kids and also gift them an unusual, graceful name.

Cute Hispanic Girl Names

Below are some cute and cuddly Spanish female names:

Names Meanings
Abril Abril is a Latin name meaning ‘April’.
Adela Adela is quite an eccentric female name meaning ‘noble’ or ‘serene’.
Alba This super-cute Latin name means ‘white’ or ‘rock’.
Blanca Blanca is a unique and joyful Spanish name meaning ‘shining’ or ‘white’.
Francisca This quintessential girl’s name means ‘truthful’.
Inés Inés is a mysterious and dark Spanish name meaning ‘chaste’.
Julia Julia is a common name of Roman origin and means ‘youthfulness’.
Ligia If your baby has good vocals, this would be an ideal name for her. Ligia in Greek means ‘sweet loudness’.
Luz Luz is a Spanish and Portuguese origin name meaning ‘light’.
Marcia Marcia is a cute Hispanic name of Italian origin. It means ‘dedicated to Mars’.
Maya If your little girl is fond of water or her element sign is water, then this could be a perfect choice. Maya means ‘water’.
Mía Mia in Spanish means ‘mine’.
Paz Paz is a pleasant-sounding two-syllable name of Spanish origin. The name means ‘peace’.
Rosa Rosa in Spanish is ‘rose flower’.
Sofía A variant of Sophia, Sofia is a Greek name meaning ‘wisdom’.
Valentina Valentina is a bold Italian name meaning ‘strong’ or ‘healthy’. This is a common name and quite popular.
Isabella A Spanish variant of the worldly name Elizabeth, Isabella is a Hebrew name meaning ‘God is my oath’.
Camila Camila is a sassy Portuguese name referring to ‘priest’s helper’ or ‘religious attendent’.
Valeria This mystical-sounding name of Latin origin means ‘to be strong’ and ‘brave’.
Mariana Mariana is a traditional Portuguese name commonly used in Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries. The meaning of the name is ‘star of the sea’.

Old-Fashioned and Biblical Hispanic Girl Names

Let’s check some of the best and most exotic Spanish girl names:

Names Meanings
Abigaíl Abigail comes from the Hebrew name Avigail. The meaning of this name is ‘my father’s joy’.
Belén This gorgeous gender-neutral name translates to ‘house of bread’ or ‘Bethlehem’, where Jesus was born.
Dominga This striking Spanish name means ‘born on sunday’.
Gloria Gloria is a fancy Latin-origin name that translates to ‘glory’.
Guadalupe This unique-sounding name of Spanish origin means ‘wolf valley’.
Rosario Rosario is a traditional and mythical name of Spanish origin. The meaning of this name is ‘rosary’. The name is very popular among Spanish-speaking Roman Catholics.
Teresa Teresa is a charming Spanish name meaning ‘peace’ and ‘warmth’.
Verónica Veronica is a common Greek and Latin name meaning ‘she who brings victory’.
Vicenta This beautiful Biblical name means ‘victor’.
Zoraida Zoraida is certainly an uncommon name of Spanish origin. The meaning of this name is ‘victor’.

We hope you got a name for your child from these common Hispanic girl names. Giving a name to your child is the first gift that parents give to their little ones. Welcome to parenthood! We wish you good luck!

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