Top 140 Hebrew Girl & Boy Names & Their Meanings

140 Hebrew Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Names are important and make up most people’s identity. This is seen especially in Hebrew Scriptures, where people were given names that suited them or the circumstances, for example, Abram and Sarai were given new names by God, Abraham and Sarah, to bring importance to the changing circumstances of their lives. In turn, they named their son Isaac, meaning laughter, because Sarah laughed when she was told she would have a baby at her age. Even the infamous Saul changed his name to Paul after having an encounter with God. Names make a huge impact on a person’s life, and whether they realise it or not, can make or break their confidence.

Since a name is so important, when picking out a name for your child, it is imperative that you settle on something with a positive meaning so that it can bring its blessings into your child’s life. A name is a person’s identity and when meeting new people, we often lead by introducing ourselves by first giving out our names.

Hebrew names are far more common than we realise, most of the names from the bible being of Hebrew origin. These names are very popular today, though their origins are often not known. If you are someone with Hebrew background who is interested in giving your baby a traditional Hebrew name, or if you are someone who just loves the culture and wants to portray it through your child’s name, we have some of the top Hebrew baby names for you.

Hebrew Baby Names With Meanings

For Girls

Hebrew names are ancient and are still some of the most popular names that are being used today. From beautiful Hebrew girl names that are more common, such as Rachel, Deborah and Joanna to a few unusual Hebrew names for girls that we are not familiar with, such as Chanah, Hadassah or Tziyona. Here are some lovely Hebrew girl names with meaning for you to choose from:

Name Meaning
Abigail My father rejoices; Joy of a father
Adena Noble; Delicate
Ariel Lion of God; One who is similar to a wonderful melody
Atalia Mighty is the Lord
Aviva  Springlike, dewy
Ayla  Moonlight, halo
Bathsheba Daughter of the oath; daughter of Sheba
Bethany House of figs; House of Mercy
Bina Knowledge
Bracha Blessing
Carmen Truthful, poetry
Chanah Graceful; another version of Hannah
Dalia Branch
Daphna Laurel
Davina Beloved
Deborah Bee; Formalizer
Delilah Delicate
Dinah God is my judge; Judgement
Eliana God has answered
Eleora God is light
Elizabeth Consecrated or dedicated to God; God’s oath
Eve Life
Fina God will increase
Lord has redeemed
Hadassah Myrtle tree; Star; Bride
Hannah Gift out of God’s favour; the Lord is merciful; Graceful
Ilana Tree
Isabel God is perfection
Isha  One who protects
Jael Mountain Goat
Jane God is gracious
Jemima Little dove
Joanna Gift of God; Grace
Judith From Judea
Kerrin Beauty
Keziah Sweet scented spice; cassia cinnamon; scraped off
Levona Incense; spice
Lilah Lily
Liora Of the light
Magdalene Of the tower
Miriam Grace; star of the sea; Child who was wished for
Naomi Beautiful
Nina Grace
Nizana Blossom
Orpah Fawn
Rachel Female sheep; Ewe; A lambs innocence
Rahab Vast; quarrelsome; proud
Rebekah Trap; Snare; Bind; Tie
Ruth Companion; friend
Salome Peace; Welcome, tranquel
Samara Ruled by God
Sarahi My princess
Samantha Told by God
Tahlia Lambkin; lamb
Talora Morning dew
Tamar Palm tree
Temima Without flaw
Temira Tall
Thirza Delightful
Tzilla Defender; protector
Tziyona Zion

For Boys

It may surprise you to know that the popular names such as David, Joshua, Nathaniel and Adam have Hebrew roots, but these are the names of the heroes of the Bible whose names have been carried down through generations in order to bless children with good names and good futures. Others such as Barak, Chaim, Makis and Shiloh are much less common, but just as wonderful. If you are looking for some unique Hebrew baby names for your little man, this list should help you find some that you will love. Here are some modern Hebrew names for boys:

Name Meaning
Aaron One who is exalted; Mountain of strength
Adam Ground, Red earth
Ari  Eagle, Sun-like
Avi  Sun and air
Barak Lightening
Benjamin Son who is at my right hand
Boaz Swiftness
Caleb Whole hearted, bold, faithful dog
Chaim Said to be the masculine form of Eve, spear, craftsman, life. More commonly known as “Cain”
Dagan Grain
Daniel God is my judge
David Beloved
Elijah The Lord who is strong; My God is Yahweh
Elias Lord is my God
Emmanuel God is with us
Foma Twin
Gabriel Mighty man of the Lord
Gavi Heroine of God
Gideon To hew down; to cut off, he that breaks or bruises; mighty warrior
Hezekiah Yah strengthens; Strengthened by God; The Lord is my strength
Hiram Exalted brother 
Hosea Rescue; Salvation
Isaac Laughter
Isaiah Generous is the Lord; God saves; The Lord’s Salvation
Israel God contended
Jacob One who supplants; He who follows closely
Jeremiah May Yahweh exalt; The Lords exalted
Joshua Yahweh saves; Yahweh will save; Yah is salvation
Jonah Dove
Jordan To flow down
Kaleb Devotion to God
Karmel Vineyard of the Lord; of the garden; one with red hair
Lemuel Dedicated or devoted to God
Lazarus God’s helper
Levi One who joins or connects
Makis Gift sent from God
Malachi Messenger of God, Angel
Mica Humble
Michael Who is like God? Meant to be a rhetorical question implying that there is none like Him.
Moses One who is saved from water
Nahum Comforter
Nathaniel Gift of God
Nirel Field or light of God
Noah Rest
Obadiah Gods servant
Omar Bitter; The one who speaks
Phineas Oracle
Pontus God of the sea
Rafael God has healed; Healed by the Lord
Reuben Behold! A Son
Ron Joyful song
Samson Bright sun
Samuel Asked of God; Heard God
Saul Asked for
Seth The appointed one
Shiloh Peaceful
Shimon He who is heard; He who hears; Providing well
Symeon Obedient
Solomon Perfect; Peaceful one
Tobias Goodness of God; The Lord is good
Uziel Powerful

Gender Neutral Hebrew Names For Baby

For parents looking for gender-neutral names, we’ve got you covered! Below is a list of Hebrew unisex names.

Name Meaning
Achava  Friendship
Addi   Noble
Amiel  God of my people
Areli  Vision of God
Arien  Noble
Arion Moon creature on high
Asa  Doctor
Asher  Happy
Beres  Birch tree
Coby  Supplanter
Elan  Friendly
Eliada  Knowledge of God
Ezra  Helper
Ira  The Earth
Jada  Precious stone
Jesse  God’s gift
Jorah  Autumn rain
Katriel  My crown is God
Lael  Belonging to God
Lavi  Lion
Marion  Beloved

Every family is different and some do not even have the freedom to choose the names of their children due to family and cultural traditions where children are to be named after their forefathers. However, if you have the opportunity to choose your child’s name, picking one with Hebrew roots will ensure that your child has a strong name that can carry him or her forward to the future with pride and confidence.

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