Top 50 Pirate Girl Names With Meanings

Top 50 Pirate Names for Girls

Pirates are sailors who have been ruthless sea bandits who launched attacks on merchant or enemy ships and shores, looting cargo, hunting treasures, and creating a myth around their adventurous lifestyle. Sometimes they discovered new territories, found good ports, expanded trade routes, and ushered with native people. The exploits of pirates’ notorious activities from the Golden Age of Piracy to modern times have made them legends in their own rights. Men and women of varied creed, backgrounds, and nationalities started living the exciting life of a pirate dreaming of riches even though most of them met their end at the end of a hangman’s noose. Literature, folklore, and movies have not only popularised their characteristics and escapades while fuelling the public’s interest in their vagabond lifestyle. Moreover, the pirate-themed tourist attractions, toys, books, films, and plays have helped to retain their image of fascination and fear for centuries.

W0omen pirates were equally menacing as men. Positioned at the helm of the feared ships, they strapped on a cutlass and a pistol to take on the seven seas. Hence, pirate baby girl names have a history behind them that glorify their free-spirit and daring ways. So, if you want your daughter’s name to spell flamboyance and flair, choose from this list of good female pirate names that are nautical in nature to make them pirate princesses who can take on the world with confidence and courage. Argh! Harty-har-har-har-har!

50 Famous Pirate Names for Girls With Meanings

If you’ve been fascinated by the flashy personalities of women pirates who have lived life on their own terms, it’s time to dig into this well-researched compilation of sweet and sassy pirate baby girl names with meanings to select one for your newborn baby angel.

1. Abby

Abby comes from Hebrew Avigail, meaning ‘my father’s joy’. The intelligent, beautiful Abigail was King David’s third wife in the Old Testament.

2. Aegea

Aegea has an Old Greek origin, and it means ‘shield’. It is derived from ‘Aegean’, the sea named after an eponymous Aegeus who was instrumental in the founding of Athens.

3. Apulia

Derived from Latin origin, this toponymical pirate name for someone who belonged to the region called Apulia in southern Italy. Apulia also may originate from the Greek name ‘Iapudes’, which refers to those who lived on the other side of the Adriatic Sea.

4. Azure

Derived from the Persian word ‘lajvard’, Azure refers to lapis lazuli, a bright-blue, semiprecious rock.

5. Belle

Derived from Latin Bella, Belle is a French word for ‘beautiful’ or ‘fair’. This name derives from Greek Elisabet or Hebrew Elisheva, which means ‘my God in abundance’.

6. Beryl

Beryl has a Greek origin and means ‘light’ or ‘green semiprecious gemstone’.

7. Bree

It is an anglicised variant of the Irish female name Brighe derived from Bridget that comes from the Gaelic noun Brigh, meaning ‘strength or exalted one’.

8. Breeza

A variant of Latin Brisa, Breeza has an English origin, and it means ‘windy’. In Spanish, the name is derived from Briseis, the woman Achilles loved in Greek mythological Homer’s Iliad.

9. Cataline

A variant of Katherine, Cataline comes from the Greek word ‘katharos’, meaning ‘pure.’ Catalina de Aragón y Castilla is the Spanish name of the first wife of Henry VIII.

10. Cima

Cima is an Italian topographic name for ‘peak’ or ‘mountain peak’. In Hebrew, the name means ‘treasure’.

11. Coral

Derived from Greek ‘Korallion’, Coral is a Spanish and English word that means ‘underwater skeletal deposits that form reefs’.

12. Destiny

Destiny is an English name that comes from the Latin word ‘destinare’, meaning ‘to determine’ or ‘determined fate’.

13. Doria

A feminine form of Dorain, Doria comes from Dorians, referring to an ancient Greek tribe. Its other origin is Dorothea, meaning ‘gift of God’.

14. Dylan

Dylan has a Welsh origin, and it means ‘son of the sea’.

15. Ebbe

A variant of Ebba, Ebbe has Old Norse and Old English origins. It means ‘brave’ or ‘strong boar’.

16. Ember

Ember means ‘man/men’ or ‘person’ in Hungarian. In English, it means ‘smouldering coal’.

17. Evalyn

A variant of Evelyn, this name is an English form of the French name ‘Aveline’. It is derived from the ancient German name ‘Avila’, meaning ‘desired’ or ‘wished-for child’.

18. Flora

Derived from the Latin word ‘flos’, meaning flower, Flora was the name of a ninth-century Spanish martyr saint and the mythical Roman goddess of springtime.

19. Fortuna

Derived from the Latin ‘Fortuna’, the goddess of fortune and the personification of luck in Roman religion, it represents the capriciousness of life. It means ‘good fortune’ in its Spanish origin.

20. Gabby

Gabrielle’s diminutive form, Gabby, has a Hebrew origin. It means ‘hero of God’ or ‘God’s able-bodied one’.

21. Gilda

Originally an Italian form of Teutonic name, Gild means ‘sacrifice’ or ‘value’. Being related to gilded, this treasured baby name is most suitable in its English meaning ‘covered in gold’.

22. Hally

This name has Old Norse or English origins, and it means ‘army ruler or commander’. It means ‘Hay’s meadow’ in its variant in Hailey.

23. Hope

Derived from Middle English ‘hope’ and Old English ‘Hopian’, this name has a positive expectation and means ‘desire for fulfilment’.

24. Ingrid

Ingrid means ‘Ing’s beauty’ and has a Scandinavian origin. It comes from Ingirior, a short form of Ingfrior.

25. Iona

This name means ‘blessed’ in Greek.

26. Isola

Isola is an Italian word for ‘island’. It is derived from the name ‘Isolda’, which comes from the Old Germanic name ‘Ishild’, meaning ‘iron battle’. Isola may also be the toponymical name referring to someone from the town named ‘Izola’ in Italy.

27. Jade

Jade is the Spanish name for the ornamental stone piedra de la ijada, meaning ‘stone of the flanks’.

28. Jetta

Jetta has a Latin origin meaning ‘jet black’. It refers to an intensely black shiny gemstone. In Danish, Jetta means ‘home-ruler’.

29. Kally

Originating from Latin, Kally comes from the Greek Calista and means ‘fairest’ or ‘beautiful’.

30. Katana

Katana has a Persian or Japanese origin, meaning ‘single-edged sword used by samurai’ or ‘honourable’.

31. Kinga

Kinga has a Hungarian, Polish and Slavic origin and means ‘brave’.

32. Lally

Lally means ‘Laurel Tree’ (symbols of honour and victory) in its Latin origin. In its Greek derivation, it means ‘to chatter’.

33. Marina

This Latin name derived from ‘Marinus’, meaning ‘of the Sea’. She was an epithet of Venus.

34. Meredith

Meredith is a derivative of the Welsh names ‘Maredudd’ or ‘Meredydd’ and means ‘sea lord’ or ‘protector of the sea’.

35. Nahla

This stunning African and Arabic name means ‘water in the desert’. It means ‘Bee’ in the Maltese language.

36. Oceane

This French name means ‘Ocean’. Greek Oceanus was the God of the open sea.

37. Ocean

Derived from Greek origin, Ocean means ‘sea’.

38. Orabelle

Orabelle comes from the Latin word ‘orabilis’, meaning ‘prayerful’. Its variants are Arabella and Ora.

39. Pasha

Pasha has Greek and Persian origins. It means ‘of the sea’. It is also derived from Turkish ‘basha’ or ‘bash’, meaning ‘head’ or ‘chief’.

40. Portia

Portia has a Latin origin. It means ‘an offering’.

41. Queena

Queena has an English origin and means ‘Queen’.

42. Regina

Regina is a classical name with regal elegance. Derived from Latin, it means ‘Queen’.

43. Sally

A diminutive form of Sarah, Sally has a Hebrew origin and means ‘the princess’.

44. Sandera

Derived from Greek Cassandra, Sandera means ‘man’s defender’ or ‘warrior’.

45. Theodosia

Theodosia is an uncommon variant of Theodora. It means ‘God’s Gift’.

46. Tori

Tori has a Japanese origin and means ‘bird’.

47. Ula

Ula is an exotic Celtic name meaning ‘gem of the sea’. It might have been a variation of the name ‘Ursula’ that comes from the Latin word ‘Ursa’, meaning ‘she-bear’.

48. Valerie

Originating from the Latin word ‘Valere’, meaning ‘to stay strong’, Valeria is a feminine version of the Roman name Valerius.

49. Yulla

Yulla has a Scandinavian origin and means ‘wealthy’, ‘gem of the sea’ or ‘sacred red’.

50. Zoe

Derived from Greek, Zoe means ‘life’. Zoie, Zoey, Zoee are its variant forms. In the 11th century, the ruling empress of the Byzantine Empire was named Zoe. The early Christians associated Zoe with ‘eternal life’.

Although pirates have been brutal, ruthless murderers and cold-hearted thieves, they have become symbols of autonomy, bravery, and raucous living. Pirate baby names complement the romanticised version of their lives on dangerous seas. No wonder many are obsessed with the mysterious treasure hunts, secret maps, mighty sword fights, and jaunty pirate music. The allure of pirate adventure on the high seas sets the imaginations of children on fire as they get ready to join the pirate crew and growl out, ‘Ahoy! Yo-ho-ho, Booty’ on Halloween. Get creative and choose a cool girl pirate name for your little baby that is up on-trend. Who knows, she might just get inspired to set new goals in life just like the pirates who are known for their spirit of leadership, impressive combat skills, and strategic mindset.

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