10 Best Books That Teach Children About Money

10 Interesting Books That Teach Kids About Money

The value of money needs to be taught to kids from a very early age. These books help children understand how money is earned and how it should be spent. It also enlightens them on how they should invest for the future and the benefits of savings.

Popular Books for Teaching Children About Money

Popular Books for Teaching Children About Money

Reading books is the best way for kids to learn about any new or complex concept. Here are some great books you can refer to teach your little one all about the importance of money.

1. Money Math: Addition and Subtraction 

David A. Adler 

3-8 years 

This book teaches children the absolute basics about what money is. It incorporates basic mathematics to teach kids about dollar U.S. dollar bills and coins. The book teaches recognizing the faces printed on the currency notes and how much each note is worth. The book changes the perspective of how kids understand addition and subtraction. The language is simple to follow. The numerous examples and try-it-yourself problems and activities make the book an extremely interesting read for kids. It teaches kids to count, add, and subtract the exact amount. Kids will become more confident with their pocket money after reading this book. They are also taught how to save money for something they would like to buy and how long it would take to save the required amount.

2. Bunny Money 

Rosemary Wells 

3-7 years 

This book revolves around little Ruby, who plans to surprise her grandma with a good birthday gift with the money she has saved. She and her brother step out to buy a music box they once saw in a gift shop. However, before reaching the gift shop, they spend the money on several other unimportant things. This results in a dwindling of their savings. It leaves the kids wondering if they would be able to buy the intended birthday gift. This is one of the finest money books for kids as it teaches them the basics of money – how to count, save, and spend wisely. It gives kids a good visual understanding of not wasting money on unnecessary purchases. A lively introduction to early math, the story is woven well around the concept of smart spending of money. Money management is one of the biggest lessons learned from this book.

3. The Berenstain Bears’ Trouble with Money

Stan and Jan Berenstain 

4-8 years 

This is a classic kids’ book to teach children about the importance of money, with endearing cartoon characters in the form of a bear family. Papa and Mama bears are worried that their son and daughter believe that money grows on trees. The explanatory drawing spells out the concept of teaching kids how to manage money responsibly.

4. Lemonade in Winter: A Book About Two Kids Counting Money 

Emily Jenkins and G. Brian Karas 

3-8 years

Learning through simple math concepts makes it one of the most readable children’s books about money. An elder sister and a younger brother set up a lemonade stand to sell. They make less than the cost of their supplies, but every sale involves addition, subtraction, sorting, and counting. The sister explains the front and rear sides of a coin to her younger sibling, and every sale makes her ideate about a better option. She thinks of reducing the price to increase sales. The book helps kids think creatively about increasing sales, counting, and identifying the differences between costs, sales, and profits.

5. You Can’t Buy a Dinosaur with a Dime: Problem Solving in Dollars and Cents

Harriet Ziefert

3-8 years 

The unique narration in rhyme is about little Pete, who likes to save money. He spends his savings on a toy dinosaur and runs more chores to earn more money. The story is about saving, spending, and strategizing, making this the ideal children’s book about money management. The author’s colorful cartoons capture how Pete works to earn his money. It teaches economics about money, the various denominations, the addition of money, and how not to overspend it.

6. If You Made a Million 

David M. Schwartz 

3-8 years 

If you want your child to learn everything about saving, investing, and debt in the simplest way, this is one of the best children’s picture books about money. This book gives a fantastic introduction to the world of money. It enables kids to discover the importance of money, earnings, investments, understanding interests, returns, and savings. This book is infused with humor, making it an educational and fun experience for kids to understand the underlying economics of money. The book works as a wordy guide that takes you through the various forms of money and how it can be used to buy various items.

7. Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday 

Judith Viorst

3-9 years 

Children find it difficult to save the money given to them. Young Alexander is delighted with the one dollar he received from his grandparents. He visualizes the numerous things he could buy if he saved enough, but the money starts to disappear for some reason. The concept of saving is clearly illustrated to make kids understand how to balance spending and savings. It teaches kids how not to spend their savings frivolously. This is one of those rare books about saving money for kids, which teaches kids the importance of sensible spending and wise savings. 

8. Money Ninja: A Children’s Book About Saving, Investing, and Donating (Ninja Life Hacks) 

Mary Nhin 

3-9 years 

It is an invaluable book that educates kids about the mystery of money, earning, saving, and investing it through its creative illustrations. Above all, it helps kids realize the importance of donating some towards a worthy cause or to someone in dire need of it. It explains the world of money and how it can be used for a humanitarian cause. The book’s humorous-looking tiny characters help children learn valuable life skills. It is considered an excellent resource for parents, teachers, and counselors.

9. The Everything Kids’ Money Book: Earn it, save it, and watch it grow! 

Brette Sember 

5-9 years 

Financial discipline forms the basis of this book. It lists the importance of key concepts like saving and investing. It helps kids understand how coins and bills are created and the various things you can buy with money. It explains the importance of savings, investing, growing, and practical spending. It explains how you can buy various products, from school supplies to favorite toys, by making the right use of money. Kids will learn how to earn money, save it, and spend it wisely.

10. Kid’s Activity Book on Money and Finance: Teach Children about Saving, Borrowing, and Planning for the Future

Allan Kunigis 

3-8 years 

The author has successfully incorporated numerous activities like quizzes and crossword puzzles to explain the various principles of finance. Kids learn how to count, earn, invest, and add to their savings. It also teaches young kids how to make smart money choices to become financially successful and independent in the future.

Teaching your kids about finance at a young age will help to mold them into responsible individuals. They will learn the significance of money, how earnings need to be invested and how savings can secure their lives. It will make them realize that savings can be utilized to finance their independent ventures, initiate concepts to assist society, and work towards a worthy cause. If you establish the basic groundwork for kids while they are still very young, they will mature into highly responsible adults who will know how and where to invest their savings.

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