15 Best Books About Family for Kids

15 Incredible Family Books for Children

One of the most important hobbies that anybody should inculcate is reading. It is very important to expand your knowledge, vocabulary, and your perspective on life and things around you. Many parents try to read to their toddlers and children which is a great habit to develop from a young age. Many of these kids, when they grow older, will end up finding solace in the books that they love. However, it can be challenging to be able to pick out books considering there are so many of them. We have curated the best list of family books for kids.

Best Family Books for Toddlers

Toddlers love listening to stories read by their parents before they go to sleep. It is a tradition that is followed by numerous families across the globe. In case you are confused about which family books for kindergarten kids works best, Here are some to get you started.

1. The Family Book

The family book - Todd ParrSource: Pinterest

Author: Todd Parr

Short Summary of the Book: The Family Book is perfect for your little one. It is one of the better picture books filled with colourful illustrations and highlights different kinds of families ranging from two mothers, two fathers to a single parent and a family that has an adopted child. The theme of the book is showing what they all have in common and makes for a great children’s book about family diversity.

2. Sometimes It’s Grandmas and Grandpas: Not Mommies and Daddies

Sometimes It's Grandmas and GrandpasSource: Pinterest

Author: Gayle Byrne

Short Summary of the Book: A heart-warming story for your toddler about a little girl who is brought up by her grandparents and wonders why she does not have parents like her friends. She eventually realizes that the only thing that matters is that she shares many great memories with her grandparents filled with joy and happiness.

3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry CaterpillarSource: Pinterest

Author: Eric Carle

Short Summary of the Book: This one is a super cute book meant for your tiny one. They are sure to love it with all the colourful illustrations that are there in the book. It talks about the Caterpillar, which is perpetually hungry; similar to toddlers when it comes to this book!

4. The Happy Egg

The Happy EggSource: Pinterest

Author: Ruth Krauss

Short Summary of the Book: Toddlers are growing up and learning as each day passes by and will eventually have a lot of questions to ask you in order to satiate their curiosity. This book talks about how a baby bird comes from an egg and has the cutest illustrations. It is sure to answer many questions for your toddler and they are bound to love it!

5. Yummy Yucky

Yummy YuckySource: Pinterest

Author: Leslie Patricelli

Short Summary of the Book: This is a great way to start teaching your toddler at a young age. One of the first things that they learn is yummy and yucky with respect to the food that they eat. This book will help you explain to your toddler the exact meanings of both words and when they should be using them so that the next time, they don’t end up saying yummy to something bad that they have eaten!

Top Family Books for Preschoolers and Kids

As your toddler grows up, you might want to consider changing up the content of the books that you are reading to them. It’s a good idea to have some substance so that their inquisitiveness is taken care of and they end up learning something. Here are some books that you can use for kids at the Preschool level.

1. Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born

Tell Me Again About the Night I Was BornSource: Pinterest

Author: Jamie Lee Curtis

Short Summary of the Book: The ever famous Jamie Lee Curtis came out with this book in the year 2000 which talks about how two adoptive parents get a phone call in the middle of the night and they set off to meet their new baby girl. As the baby grows up, she loves to hear stories about her birth and family and how it came to be.

2. Monday Is One Day

Monday Is One DaySource: Pinterest

Author: Arthur A. Levine

Short Summary of the Book: This book shows how diverse families spend their time indulging in regular activities. However, each day is somehow made special by the intertwining of the families in some way or the other. During the weekends, the families come together to have a good time!

3. Thanking the Moon

Thanking the MoonSource: Pinterest

Author: Grace Lin

Short Summary of the Book: The story is about a family that is getting ready to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival. Each member of the family has a specific task to make sure the ceremony goes perfectly. Each member also sends their wish to the moon. This book is a super cute story about the Chinese festival.

4. Two Is Enough

Two Is EnoughSource: Pinterest

Author: Janna Matthies

Short Summary of the Book: This is a wholesome book which talks about how it’s okay to have just two people in the family and there are still loads of fun things to be done. Kids of single parents may feel odd sometimes, but this story ensures that they get a better idea of the situation.

5. Jingle Dancer

Jingle DancerSource: Pinterest

Author: Cynthia Leitich Smith

Short Summary of the Book: Depicting Native American families, this book talks about a girl who wants to dance with her grandmother at the next get-together. However, she needs more jingles for her jingle dress which she ends up acquiring by helping family and friends.

6. The Case for Loving: The Fight for Interracial Marriage

The Case for Loving: The Fight for Interracial MarriageSource: Pinterest

Author: Selina Alko

Short Summary of the Book: This is a substance heavy book and talks about the real-life struggle and triumph of one couple and how they won their right to be legally wedded in Virginia at a time when interracial marriages were not allowed.

7. A Tale of Two Daddies

A Tale of Two DaddiesSource: Pinterest

Author: Vanita Oelschlager

Short Summary of the Book: A very wholesome story about a girl and how she lovingly talks about both her dads at a playground. One braids her hair while the other makes breakfast but both of them give her plenty of hugs and support.

8. Who’s in a Family

Who's in a FamilySource: Pinterest

Author: Robert Skutch

Short Summary of the Book: This book shows the different kinds of families that can exist, away from the traditional mother-father construct. It has interesting and inclusive illustrations which help celebrate diversity and other things that make the readers’ families unique.

9. Corduroy

Corduroy Don FreemanSource: Pinterest

Author: Don Freeman

Short Summary of the Book: Corduroy is a stuffed bear in overalls that lives in a store on the shelf. A little girl comes and takes him after a night full of adventures and he thinks to himself, “I’ve always wanted a friend”.

10. It’s Okay to Be Different

It’s Okay to Be DifferentSource: Pinterest

Author: Todd Parr

Short Summary of the Book: Todd Parr writes a reassuring book telling kids that it’s okay to need help sometimes. It’s okay to be of a different colour and it is most definitely okay to talk about your feelings.

We hope our article on children’s books about home and family along with blended family books has helped you start off on this journey with your little one! All the best!

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