Shape Poems For Children - How to Write, Benefits & Examples

Shape Poems for Kids – Benefits and Examples

Children can learn many exciting things that will benefit them in several ways. Children who learn poetry at a young age find it greatly beneficial for their writingreading, and listening skills. As shape poetry is a creative form of poetry, it provides teachers and parents with an interesting way to get their kids to learn poems.

What Is Shape Poem? 

Also known as concrete poems, shape poems are words arranged to form the shape of an object. The words will usually be linked to the shape the poem talks about. 

For example, you can write a poem about a house and arrange the word of the poem to form the shape of a house. You can also write a poem about milk and arrange the words into the shape of a milk carton. The same can be done for several other objects, like cars, boats, pets, etc.

These fun poems provide a great way for children to develop their reading and writing skills and their overall knowledge about a particular shape or object.

What Are the Benefits of Shape Poems? 

Shape poems are fun once you get started, and your children will undoubtedly benefit from this creative activity. Here are some ways that your kids will grow for the better because of shape poetry:

  • These improve creativity as kids will need to get creative with their words and arrange them into shapes.
  • Reading and writing skills are sharpened the more they practice their shape poetry.
  • The more shape poems children read and write, the more their vocabulary improves.
  • Through reading and writing poetry, children learn how to rhyme.
  • Builds confidence in writing skills, resulting in more practice and creativity.
  • Children may be able to express themselves much better through poetry.

How to Write Shape Poems?

A few tips on how to teach children shape poetry can go a long way to getting started right. These are a few of the basic things that you should keep in mind when teaching children how to do shape poems:

  • Think about the different themes and ideas for shape poems that you can work with and write them down.
  • Choose the easiest and funniest shape for the children to work on for the first time.
  • Read different poems out to the children to help them understand different writing styles and ideas.
  • Encourage the children to read a new poem every day.
  • Take inspiration from the daily things around you for different topics.
  • Make sure that the shape you choose can fit in basic information well.
  • Make sure that the language you use is simple and easy to understand. 
  • Encourage kids to choose their topics for shape poems.

Amazing Shape Poems for Kids 

Amazing Shape Poems for Kids

Shape poems examples can help you when it comes to truly understanding how to write them. The following poems will help you understand the concept even better!

1. My Dog 

Most families have dogs, so doing a shape poem about them should be simple for the kids.

 My dog is the best pet animal,
 Who loves me the most.
 He likes to spend time,
 And travel with me to the coast.
 My dog loves to eat what is prepared at home.
 Their hair is so curly,
 That they don’t like to comb.

2. Stars 

Jennifer Betts wrote this simple little rhyme to make star shape poems seem magical.

 See the star
 It shines so bright
 It twinkles and glitters
 Through the night
 The shining stars
 Make you want to take flight

3. Ice cream

Kids will love this delicious topic, making it one of the more interesting shape poems for preschoolers.

 Ice cream is a sweet dessert,
 which is made up of milk and sugar.
 All the kids love to eat ice cream,
 that are larger and bigger.
 There are many flavors of ice cream
 that we all like to eat.
 We wait for the occasion,
 so that someone gives us a treat.

4. Tree 

Short, simple, and sweet, this shape poem about trees is so much fun!

Trees are important to us because
It provides oxygen to all.
There are many beautiful trees
that their benefits you must recall.
Trees provide food and shade for
all the living things.
Many of us tie ropes
and use it like a swing.

It never complains but
only takes care of us.
There are many other benefits,
that you might like to guess.

5. Halloween 

Halloween shape poems are quite common — this can be done in the shape of a pumpkin, a witch’s hat, or any other easy shape.

 Halloween is the most awaited festival,
 that are celebrated across the world.
 People like to wear spooky clothes
 with their hair messy and curled.

6. Seagulls 

Seagulls in flight are easy enough to shape. This poem by Kit Kittelstad is about the interesting lives of seagulls.

 The seagulls squawk noisily in the breeze.
 With such a happy life, what could they possibly be moaning about?
 If I were a seagull, I’d never stop singing.
 I’d play with the sandpipers and swish through the wind.
 And, when night fell, I’d dance under the moonlight and dream of tomorrow.

7. Christmas Is Near 

Kit Kittelstad puts the joy of Christmas in poetry with this shape poem. Shape it like a Christmas tree for the perfect fit.

 Christmas is near.
 Soon we’ll wrap the house in lights,
 And watch it sparkle in delight.
 Oh, how I love this time of year!
 I mailed my list to Santa.
 I just know he is going to grant me my one and only wish,
 A pup named Trevor who will stay with me forever.

8. In a Twist 

Shape this interesting poem like a tornado. It will make for an attractive and interesting poem.

 We felt the rain, wind, and hail, and
 Then the thunder and lightening came.
 The winds gathered up and began to spin
 Like a spinning top, sucking up dust like a vacuum cleaner.
 The twister went around and around, like a merry-go-round.
 The gusts of air were picking up dust.
 It continued to roar loudly,
 Destroying everything
 Along the way.
 Soon it was

9. Cera Circle 

Learning shapes can be rather boring, but shape poetry makes it much better!

 I am Cera Circle
 Watch me turn round and round
 And you will learn
 I’m not straight and I don’t bend
 My outside edges never end!

10. Danny Diamond 

Short and sweet, Danny Diamond can better help your little ones remember the diamond shape.

 I am Danny Diamond
 I am like a kite
 But I’m really just a square
 Whose corners are pulled tight

11. Olly Octagon 

Shape poems for kindergarteners are extremely good at helping them remember interesting information, like this!

 Olly Octagon is my name
 The shape of a stop sign is the same.
 My eight sides are fun to count
 How about you try it out!

12. Squire Square 

Your little ones will get a kick out of Squire Square as they learn what a square is through this cute shape poetry.

 Squire Square is my name
 My four sides are just the same.
 Turn me around, I don’t care
 I’m always the same, I’m a square!

Shape poetry is one of the most fun ways to teach your children a few basic facts and information while stimulating their creativity. Not only are poems easier to remember with their rhymes, but when you add interesting shapes that they are written in, children will find it far more interesting than regular texts or poetry. The next time you are looking for a fun way to teach children basic facts about a topic, try shape poetry. 

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