6 Curious Reasons Why Kids May Remember Song Lyrics But Not Studies

6 Curious Reasons Why Kids May Remember Song Lyrics But Not Studies

The struggle to memorize our textbooks is real, but song lyrics are a cakewalk! Pique your curiosity and find out the reason behind this fact below.

We all know kids who struggle with studies yet master song lyrics seamlessly – we’ve been that kid too at a point! Have you ever wondered why the words from his textbooks are easily forgotten but your child still manages to sing along to his favorite song without any errors? There are quite a few reasons as to why your kid remembers song lyrics and fails to remember his study lessons and we’ve listed some prominent reasons for you.

1. Songs Help Kids Connect Well

Studies are a part and parcel of your kid’s daily life. What your child longs for is a break from daily study lessons. Listening to the songs is one of the most awaited delights for kids. Pleasant songs and music help your child unwind from the daily stress and worries. Listening to happy, rhythmic songs makes your child feel lively and more connected with life. This also means that they end up remembering song lyrics better than their regular studies.

2. Kids Are More Attentive To Songs Than Studies

Kids are often more interested in songs than in their usual, routine studies and they also pay more attention to the lyrics of the songs than to their lessons. The more your child pays attention to the tunes and lyrics of a song, the better his brain is able to encode the information. This is one of the leading reasons why your child recollects song lyrics more easily than studies.

3. Listening To Songs On Repeat

If a particular song is being played repeatedly in an environment where your child spends a significant amount of time, then he is bound to recollect it more quickly and without any hassles. For instance, if ‘Jingle Bells’ – the Christmas song – is played repeatedly in the daycare center where your kid spends five to six hours, then your child is getting greater practice of remembering its lyrics. Also, listening to a song repeatedly improves your kid’s memory power by triggering various patterns of brain development.

4. New Things Learnt In Every Repeat Playing of Songs

When listening to a musical song, your child learns its various aspects continuously. Listening to a song is an inexhaustible ability where your kid can always find something or other to learn.

5. Music Is A Brilliant Form Of Expression

Listening to the lyrics of a song is like decoding a unique pattern of expressions that are parts of that particular song. Your child finds it pleasant and interesting to discover different forms of expressions by listening to a song and so he remembers its lyrics in a better way.

6. Encourages Creativity

If your child is a smart little musical instrument player or a singer in the making, he may find listening to a song as an encouragement for his creativity. He may thus come up with the lyrics of the song quickly and tune it with his musical instrument.

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