Your Baby this Week

Your Baby This Week : 9 Month Week 1 Old

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Your child can be the most sociable young creature around until a stranger comes near. Many children at this age have begun to show signs of fear or shyness around strangers. Some of them to start to pull back from familiar family and friends, and you want to be close to no-one but you. This phase may be so short that you barely notice it, or it can last for months, depending on your child’s temperament. It is important (and fun) to introduce your child to new foods and encourage him to learn to feed himself when he gets older. Do not give your baby small, hard foods, or foods that look like they might get stuck in his throat. Give your baby one new food at a time, and then wait at least three days before trying another so that you are able to identify the cause of the adverse reactions. Make sure that your child is sitting upright and is in a safe state, so that he is able to chew and swallow.

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