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Your Baby This Week : 8 Month Week 3 Old

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A day will come when you will go into your child’s room, and find that little person standing up, grinning at you. Many 8-month-olds are strong enough to pull themselves back on their feet and stay there by holding on to a piece of furniture. Children have small stomachs and tend to be happy to consume small amounts of food throughout the day, rather than three square meals. Finger foods, which are likely to already be a part of your child’s diet, make an ideal snack between meals. If your child has not started eating finger foods yet, he will be ready as soon as he is able to use his thumb and fingers to pick up the pieces. The introduction of new flavours and textures such as small pieces of ripe peeled fruit, soft-cooked vegetables, low-sugar O-shaped cereal, small pieces of chicken, meat, fish, or tofu, cubed cheese, or a well-cooked spiral pasta. will help him explore flavours and textures. With the introduction of new food, wait at least three days to identify any allergic reactions your child may have.

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