Your Baby This Week : 5 Month Week 4 Old

Your Baby this Week

Your baby’s development, is now working in your favour. When he’s fussy, he’s increasingly distractible. Your child is intensely interested in the world around him, and is growing rapidly. The brain focuses on things that are new and different. So, when your child is a little cranky, use his growing interestto your advantage by making a funny noise, singing a song, gently banging a pot to snap him out of his grumpy mood. As your child grows from strength to strength, and it is better to be able to sit up, he’ll be ready for a high chair. To fall from a high chair is one of the most common accidents to babies and small children, so you have to make sure to use it in your own home. Choose a high chair that is sturdy with a wide base. It should be difficult to tip over and have no sharp edges or splinters. Always use the restraint system for the baby. It should include a seat belt that goes across the child’s hips and between her legs. Do not place a chair near a table or counter top where your child may be in a position to tip the chair over. Always keep an eye on your baby while he is in the chair.

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