Your Baby this Week

Your baby loves to reach out and touch anyone and anything he can get his hands on. With increasing coordination, he will be able to reach and pick up things that pique his interest. Help him practice his grasping skills, as well as equipping him to the crib and the play yard, with fascinating toys, especially the ones that squeak and rattle. Most babies are able to make it through the night without a feeding. Some may have started to sleep for a longer stretch of time (six to eight hours at night). Others will not be able to achieve this feat until closer to the 6 month mark or later. You can encourage this by creating a stable, predictable positive bedtime routine, which starts with putting your child to bed at the same time every night. One of the most difficult challenges that parents face is whether or not to let their babies “cry it out” or not. However, this is your personal choice.

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