Your Baby This Week : 6 Month Week 3 Old

Your Baby this Week

Your baby can now roll over from stomach to back and vice-versa. This can be even when he’s sleeping. However, back sleeping is still the optimal position. When your baby can sit-up independently, he is ready to start bathing in the big tub. Here are a few guidelines to make bath time safe. Supervise your child at all times during a bath. A robust and water proof bath seat or bath ring with suction cups on the bottom can help keep your baby at a manageable position but it doesn’t guarantee his safety. Do not leave your children unsupervised at any time. Keep the water temperature between 96 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Soap, shampoo, and bubble bath can irritate your child’s skin during a long soak (and a bubble bath can irritate the urethra, leading to urinary tract infections), so use them sparingly.

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