Your Baby This Week : 5 Month Week 1 Old

Your Baby this Week

Your baby will soon master the art of sitting unsupported. Give your child the opportunity to sit in various places around the house. Sitting is an important part of physical development. What’s more, the new perspective will help your child’s cognitive development. Teething, which starts around this time will make his gums swollen and painful, which causes crankiness, and night awakening. Teething may cause excess drooling. Some children are hardly affected by teething problems, while others are fretful for days or weeks at a time. In order to ease your baby’s pain, try rubbing a clean finger along your baby’s gums. You can also give him a cool, damp washcloth to chew on. Or, try a rubber teething ring or a teething toy. (Put it in the refrigerator or in the freezer for a couple of minutes). Please consult with your doctor before giving your child any medication at all. Oral anaesthetic gels and creams, such as those that contain benzocaine, may provide short-term relief for your baby’s gums, but can also, in rare cases, interfere with his gag reflex or cause an allergic reaction. Never give the baby aspirin, or rub it on your baby’s gums. Some experts recommend that you use a wet washcloth or gauze to wipe your baby’s gums and teeth twice or more times a day.

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