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Your Baby This Week : 5 Month Week 2 Old

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Have you noticed how your baby turns to you when you speak? A relationship that seemed to be pretty one-sided for so long is beginning to blossom into something truly interactive. If you and your baby are ready to drop the night feedings, here are a few great ways to start the process. Take it slowly and gradually. To start with, give your baby less and less time on each breast or a smaller amount of formula or breast milk in a bottle at each night feeding. Try to lengthen the intervals between feedings by patting and comforting your baby and gently urging him to go back to sleep. Offer your baby an extra feeding before going to bed. In this way, he will be less likely to wake up hungry in the middle of the night. You may also want to bring him in for a final feeding before you go to bed. If possible, have your partner comfort your baby when he cries during the night. Your partner might have better luck calming your child into falling asleep without a feed.

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