Your Baby This Week : 2 Month Week 1

Your Baby this Week

Coos are your baby’s way of expressing joy, as well as to exercise his vocal chords. You are able to carry on a “conversation” with your baby now. When he gurgles or coos, say a word or coo back at him. Then, wait for him to “say” something back to you. This kind of conversation, may not sound like much to you, but it is in fact the early stages of learning to speak. During your baby’s first few months, he will have watery bowel movements during the day, whether or not he was breast-fed or formula-fed. This is because a newborn’s intestines don’t absorb food as well as an older child, and a lot of the food that he eats is passing through the body, exciting the stool. When he starts eating solids in a few months, he may only have one bowel movement a day. At this point, you’ll notice some major changes in the stool’s color, texture, and smell. What is important is not how often he will move his bowels, but how hard his stool is. If your baby is formula-fed, his stool is going to be a little firmer than if breast-feeding.

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