Your Baby this Week

Your Baby This Week : 11 Month Week 1 Old

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Your baby may now be able to bend over to pick up objects or play with toys. Now that there is a balance! For you, it’s a babyproofing wake-up call. Keep dangerous items in a locked cupboard or move them to higher ground. You might consider keeping one or two low cupboards full of baby-safe objects such as toys, board books, and a stack of plastic containers. They will help to satisfy your little one’s curiosity at the same time. Picky eating is one of the biggest feeding problems parents worry about. Each and every parent would like to have a well-nourished child. However, it is still a little too early to be overly concerned about this. It is quite normal for a child of this age to be a picky eater, and, in some cases, it may be a false alarm. Be aware that when a child begins to walk, they sometimes become so enchanted with this skill, they have a little bit of time for something so boring (in comparison) like eating. Encourage his independence. Your child may prefer finger foods, as he is able to fend for himself. Have your child try to hold his spoon (expect to do a post-meal clean-up). Prepare the food in a different way. Some babies will prefer one texture over another. Your baby’s preference may change, so don’t give up after a rejection. Just offer it again another time. If nothing, go ahead and dig into it yourself. Your baby may want to try a new food you seem to enjoy!

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