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Your Baby This Week : 9 Month Week 3 Old

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You’re probably noticing that your blossoming baby is learning different way of expressing himself. He’s also becoming more social with each passing day. At this time, the frequency of your baby’s naps can be reduced to twice a day; once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Naps are an important source of the overall amount of sleep that your child needs to develop properly. Plan your activities so that they do not interfere with naps You may also wish to use an adaptation of your bedtime routine, in order to put your baby down for a nap. Your naptime ritual can be shorter and less complex than that of your bedtime ritual: a story, a song and a cuddle, for example. If your child has trouble settling down for a nap, it could be that he is over-stimulated. If your child isn’t much of a napper, don’t blame yourself or your parenting skills – even if your best friend reports that her child is taking three-hour naps every day. All you can do is to offer your child the opportunity to sleep by preparing him and putting him down to sleep.

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