Your Baby this Week

Your Baby This Week : 10 Month Week 1 Old

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Your baby may still only babble, but don’t underestimate how much he understands. Babies pick up on the meaning of the words and your voice before they learn to speak. Your child may even respond to simple requests or in the words of the discipline, as a warning, “No!” Talk to him about what you are doing, wherever you are on the road, and the names of the food that he eats, and say his name. Some children warm up immediately to every new face. If they are experiencing stranger anxiety, they may feel comfortable only with a select group of family and friends. How do you introduce a sitter then? If possible, have the sitter visit ahead of time so that your child can get to know her well in advance. Ask her to approach your baby slowly and gently. With time, your child will get used to her and they’ll become the best of friends!

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