Your Baby This Week : 7 Month Week 3 Old

Your Baby this Week

Your child is beginning to understand a lot more about how things in his world work. One example is “object permanence”- the understanding that objects continue to exist even after they disappear from sight. That’s why peekaboo is a favorite game. Similarly, if your child drops a toy or his pacifier out of his crib or high chair, he can see out of it. Whereas in the past, he has cried for this item as it had gone missing. If your child doesn’t show separation anxiety yet, prepare yourself: It could be just around the corner. Encourage your child to explore and try new things. Give him time to be alone. This does not mean to leave him in your home unattended. Try to let him play on his own in his room for a little bit. It’s actually a good thing for your baby’s development, to leave him in someone else’s care on a regular basis. This will give him a chance to be able to be away from you. If you are not using regular child care, ask a friend or relative to look after your child for short periods of time, so that he can get used to your being gone.

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