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Your Baby This Week : 5 Month Week 3 Old

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Most 5-month-olds focus on an item, just for a short period of time and then let it go. Yes, your kid is too young for school, but he is already an eager student. The four essential steps that you can take, in order to encourage her development is:

1. Expose your child to different environments, activities and people. Each and every experience, no matter if it is regular (such as daily chores) or new and unfamiliar (such as special tours), stimulates your child’s senses and sparks his curiosity. Make an effort to go to different places with your baby and talk to him about what you are able to see, hear, smell, and touch.

2. Babyproof your home. Increase your baby’s curiosity by bringing him to a room that he can safely explore.

3. Make the most out of your child’s play. Provide toys that have a wide variety of shapes, colors, textures, and sounds. Try to resist helping your child with a fun toy or activity, in order to allow him to experiment and learn on his own (but to lend a hand if she continues to have problems and is starting to get frustrated).

4. Keep lots of baby-friendly books around the house. Periodically, flip through them with your child, point at pictures and talk about them.

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