Your Baby This Week : 4 Month Week 2 Old

Your Baby this Week

Changing your baby’s diaper can be a struggle with a wriggly baby. Be sure to keep one hand on your baby at all times during the shift. Some parents put a musical mobile above the changing station. A basket filled with toys you make available only during diapering may also help your baby lie still long enough for you to get the job done. It is not unusual for a baby to refuse a bottle after being breastfed exclusively for the first months of the year. Here are a few tips to help your child make the transition. Give him a bottle a little earlier than his regular feeding time so he’ll be hungry and interested, but not so hungry that he gets frustrated by the cold nipple. Let someone else feed him the first bottle. Your child will be less confused if you don’t give him the bottle yourself, since she may wonder why she’s not getting your breast. Instead, ask someone who might feed him in your absence  your mother, your partner, a childcare provider, or another mother to make the first introduction. Once he is used to taking a bottle, you can do as you usually would for feedings. Make sure that you have plenty of time to put your feet up and relax a little in the process. If your baby starts crying and pushes the bottle away, back off, comfort him, and then try again. If you have tried this three times and he refuses all three times, do not breast-feed him right away. Wait for five to 10 minutes, and go do something else before you put him to your breast, so that he does not feel his refusal to bottle-feed is met with immediate gratification.

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