Your Baby this Week

Your Baby This Week : 1 Month Week 4 Old

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Your baby’s hands should be mostly open by now-ready to reach out to the world. Also, if your baby can’t grab objects just yet, he can grasp things placed in his hands. And when he wraps his hands around something, he may not let go so easily. Keep potentially dangerous items far from the reach of his own. If you are using formula, your baby’s travel bag should include extra bottles and travel-sized cans of formula. If you are breastfeeding, pack a shawl or wrap so you’re going to make you feel more comfortable nursing in public. Take the pacifier if your child uses them, extra diapers, a portable package of wipes, baggies for dirty diapers, a nasal bulb, and a first-aid kit. Pack a burp cloth, a change of clothes and extra layers for the purpose of transit, in conjunction with the appropriate clothes for your destination. Don’t forget a few favorite toys, as well as a few new ones to surprise him with it. Other useful tools include a car seat/stroller combo, and a papoose-style, front-or back baby carrier that allows you to keep your child snug while you have both hands free.

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