Your Baby This Week : 10 Month Week 3 Old

Your Baby this Week

Your child’s ability to vocalize is improving, and he will say his first words any time now. First, the words don’t always have an exact definition.. The “dog” may mean anything with four legs, and “ba-ba” can mean a water bottle, teddy bear, bye-bye – or all three. A scream may sound awful to you but to your baby, it’s just another way to flex your vocal cords. Many children go through a phase in which they are crying out loud and for a long time, sometimes just for the fun of it. (Lucky for you!) Please be patient – these screaming episodes are soon to become less intense and less frequent. Usually, the target of screaming is to get something from you. Ensure that the essential requirements have been met, and he’s not hungry, tired, cold, etc), and provide a lot of non-verbal, physical signs of affection, like holding his hand.

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