Your Baby This Week : 1 Week

Your Baby this Week

For now, your newborn sleeps most of the day, and feeds every two to three hours. Babies are born with automatic reflexes in order to help them make the transition to life outside the womb. If you are holding him in an upright position, he will move his legs. However, most of these automatic reflexes disappear within a few weeks of giving birth. The raisin-like cap on your baby’s belly is her belly button. This is the place where the umbilical cord is physically connected to your baby. After birth, the cord was clamped and cut, which is painless for the baby because the cord has no nerve endings. What’s left is what you see- the umbilical cord stump. The stump will dry out and fall off in two to three weeks, sometimes a little longer. Until then, all you have to do is to keep it free from irritation and infection. This means keeping the stump clean and dry. You can buy special diapers for newborns that has a notch cut out for the belly button. Or, you can fold it down in front of a regular disposable or cloth diapers, so it does not rub against the stump. This will help to keep urine away from the site. When dressing your baby, stick to cotton clothing such as a T-shirt and diaper or just a diaper, alone to allow air to circulate, speeding up the drying process.

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