Your Baby This Week : 6 Month Week 2 Old

Your Baby this Week

Your baby will attempt to talk. You can hear the same syllable repeated over and over again, with variations in pitch and tone. Or he will be able to make more complex sounds, such as two or even three different syllables strung together. By now, you’ve probably introduced your 6-month-old to solid foods. A lot of experts advise to start with introducing a semi-liquid mixture of one or two teaspoons of baby cereal mixed with formula or breast milk. Feed this to your baby after nursing or a bottle feeding session a day, using a soft-tipped spoon and increase it over a period of time. He will continue to need breast milk or formula until she is 1 year old. Introduce new foods three days apart and one at a time, so that you are able to identify the potential for allergic reactions.

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