Your Baby This Week : 3 Month Week 2 Old

Your Baby this Week

Your baby’s ‘goos’ and gurgles are probably going strong, but now he’s also making consonant sounds, sputtering of the Ps and the Bs and the Ms and the Ls. This is where the first “ma-ma” and “da-da” comes from. At first, he won’t associate these sounds with any particular meaning (although you certainly will). Babies under 3 months of age follow internal cycles of sleeping and eating. Some children naturally and easily fall into the rhythm of the household. Other children may have a more irregular cycle. Try to work around your child’s natural inclinations. Keep a diary to see if there are certain times of the day when he will exhibit a particular behavior. For example, if he is fussy in the late afternoon, immediately calm him down before he gets frantic. Finally, let go of the ideal of perfection, Some children resist a regimented schedule, and all of the kids are going to be constantly adjusting their schedule, as they grow and develop.

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