Your Baby This Week : 2 Month Week 4 Old

Your Baby this Week

Your child will be very aware of his hands, and he is now inspecting them like Sherlock Holmes. He will show them around and look at his fingers from all sides. He will open and close fists, watching each finger as it moves up and down. In order to help your child develop hand-eye coordination, try dangling a toy just out of reach, so he has to grab it. Babyproof your house. Never take your hands off your baby in the bathtub or on a changing table and never leave him alone in a unsafe place, like a bed. Babyproofing is not something you do once and then forget about. It’s a good idea to do periodic reviews of your home for potential hazards such as when your baby gets a new skill, such as rolling, scooting, crawling, or walking. A good way to begin babyproofing your home is to get down on your knees and crawl around to see each room from the same vantage point your baby is going to be at when he is starting to scoot on. Watch out for things like electrical outlets (to be fitted), overhead wires, or sheets, and heavy or dangerous objects that are sitting on the edges of tables or shelves where they can be pulled off.

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