Reasons Why Toddler Holding Things Close to Their Face

Why Toddlers Hold Objects Close To Their Face

If your instincts are looking for answers to questions related to your toddler’s development, explore them. Even a trivial question like why your toddler looks at things closely shouldn’t be overlooked. Find out the reasons 19-month-olds hold objects close to the face.

For a first-time mother, small and irregular behaviour differences in her child can seem terrifying. Toddlers have particular behaviour patterns that correspond to their age and a deviation from this can sometimes worry parents. However, they usually turn out to be absolutely natural. One such is holding objects close to their face.

Reasons 19-month-olds Hold Objects Close to the Face

Children of each age group have certain behavioral patterns, which are characteristic of their growth. Kids of 18-19 months of age tend to hold objects close to their eyes to inspect them. Their vision is at the development stage and they hold things close to look at them better. They’re trying to learn and grasp things from their environment. As they grow older, they look at items without holding them very close. However, there can be times when doing so can mean something else and it’s crucial for parents to stay alert.

Things to Check If Your Toddler is Holding Objects too Close to His Face

  • Holds Things Closer than 3-4 inches from the Eyes

    Children around the age of 18-19 months tend to hold things close to their face, at least 3-4 inches away. This helps them see more clearly. But, if your child is holding objects closer than 3-4 inches, he could have visual problems. It’s best to consult with a pediatric ophthalmologist for a thorough check-up. He could need treatment or it might be a false scare, but it’s still wise to rule out a developmental or medical issue.

  • Continuing to Hold Objects Close till 3 Years or Above

    By the age of 3, a child has better developed visual senses and can see an object clearly without holding it too close to the eyes. However, if your toddler continues to hold things too close even as he nears this age, a check-up is recommended.

  • Doesn’t Reach for Objects Lying Nearby

    Children generally reach for objects lying within their reach, the same as adults. If your child doesn’t try to pick up things lying nearby, there’s a chance of a problem with his eyesight. Again, a check-up will clear any doubts.

Do bear in mind that even though there are general behavioral characteristics of children, each child is different. They have their own pace of growing and learning. It’s easy to panic when you see your toddler behaving a little differently, but it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong. It’s important to be supportive and understanding of what he needs.

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