Toddler Developmental Milestone: Encouraging Toddler to Jump

When Tots Jump In The Same Place

Every child progresses at a different rate yet the sequence is quite predictable. It’s essential for parents to keep track of their kids’ development. With support, the transitions become a lot easier. By encouraging toddlers to jump, you can help develop their gross motor skills quicker.

Children go through various developmental stages. As they hit their second year, you’ll see them having much more confidence while running even if they have obstacles in their way. They start figuring out the way past these barriers. Soon, they develop more advanced gross motor skills with better control of their arms, legs, trunk and heads. However, activities like running, kicking, hopping, climbing and jumping need a lot of focus, coordination and confidence.

When Do Toddlers Start Jumping: Breaking Down the Milestone

It’s usually somewhere between the months of 18 to 24 that you will witness your child starting to jump. More than his physical strength and coordination, however, he’ll require the courage to let himself go. This isn’t something that happens out of the blue.

1. Sequencing the Jumping Developmental Milestone for a 2-year-old

  • When you see your 1-year-old shifting his body weight from one foot to the other, it’s a way to prepare his body to be able to get both feet off the ground.
  • When he reaches his second year, you might see him trying to push his body above the ground with the help of his legs. Soon, he’ll start swinging his arms to improve his balance and will jump off low surfaces.

2. Keeping Him Motivated

Since proper development of gross motor skills is essential, it’s very important that parents give kids ample opportunities to hone them. You can help by encouraging your child to jump and hop as you do the same. It’s a fun activity for him and will also boost his confidence.

3. Secure the Play Area

Seeing a 2-year-old jumping is a treat for parents. But, kids need a safe environment to practice their newfound skills and feel proud of their achievement. Here are some ways you can secure the play area:

  • Clear out some space where he can walk and run freely. Lay down some fluffy cushions near low surfaces from where he may take a hop.
  • Take him to the park and let him mingle with the other kids. Children learn a lot of new things from each other, not the least of which is learning to jump.
  • Let your toddler jump on cushions and mattresses. He’ll love it and will also learn how to leap and jump. Of course, supervision is needed so he doesn’t hurt himself.

Toddlers are cute little packets of pure energy and by the age of two, they begin to develop gross motor skills, from toddling to picking up speed for running, climbing, balancing and jumping. It’s very difficult for them to stay in one place as parents of tots will agree! Use this period to teach your child new things. Help improve his coordination and balance by playing with him and giving him the freedom to explore.

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