Easy Tips for Teaching Toddlers to Count Numbers

Teaching Toddlers to Count Numbers: 1 to 10

Prepare your child for preschool by learning how to teach numbers to toddlers while making it fun at the same time. You can make a game out of learning numbers and use physical representations too. Find out how to use everyday things and experiences as teaching tools.

Children pick up things very quickly because they’re naturally curious. Whether it’s language skills, eating or developing motor skills, with the right encouragement, they absorb information rapidly. If you’re trying to teach anything new to your toddler then repetition is the key. It’s a good idea to help him learn some essential maths skills such as counting from 1 to 10 too as he gets ready to join play school.

Games for Teaching Numbers to Toddlers

1. Use Music

Kids learn things faster if they associate them with something enjoyable. Music is one of the best ways to teach numbers to toddlers, because it’s easy to memorise songs. Sing nursery rhymes related to numbers such as ‘1-2, buckle my shoe’, ‘5 little monkeys jumping on the bed’, and ’This old man’. Hold up your fingers for the number of characters in the rhyme. It’ll give your child an understanding of the concept of less and more.

2. Use Colours

Most children love colouring, so use it to your tot’s advantage. Draw the outlines of numbers on a large drawing pad, and let him colour them as he wishes to after he identifies the numbers. To connect each number to a certain figure, write a number and ask him to draw the corresponding number of things. For example, if you’re teaching him the number 4, ask him to draw 4 circles or 4 flowers.

3. Use Physical Representations

When planning counting lesson plans for toddlers, it’s important to keep in mind that apart from just learning the names of numbers, your toddler should also understand the idea of quantities, and numbers increasing and decreasing. Physically connect objects to each number. You can take candy for representation. With each number, show your child the corresponding amount of candies.

4. Play Games

Games are an excellent teaching tool. One of the activities for counting 1 to 10 for 2-year-olds is hopscotch. Children love jumping and hopping, and hopscotch gives them an outlet for their energy. Aside from helping them learn how to count, it also develops gross motor skills. Hide and seek is another good game to teach your child counting because the ‘den’ needs to count till at least 10. You can also ask your toddler to spot numbers on hoardings and price tags.

When Do Toddlers Learn to Count?

You can start introducing numbers as early as the age of 12 months by way of songs and nursery rhymes. Gradually, you can move to other counting activities and games. Create an environment that encourages creativity and exploration if you want his interest to be maintained.

Counting is the ability to recite numbers in order. There are learning opportunities everywhere around you, which you can take advantage of. It’s important to teach numbers to your toddler early on so that he has a quicker grasp of mathematics when he enters school.

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