Helping Toddlers to Run Properly

Teaching Toddlers To Turn Corners While Running

Running requires form and coordination. Little wonder, as parents, helping toddlers learn how to run properly is necessary. The right running technique, especially when turning corners at home, will help your little one avoid injury. There is a “method” to the “running madness” that needs guidance.

When your little one is firm on her feet,slowing her down will become a challenge. Research says running is good for your toddler as it helps develop power and speed. Running corners is a hurdle they need to cross to give them the confidence to run without fear. There are a few techniques you can employ to teach them to cross this hurdle.

Running Tips for Toddlers

1. Add Fun to Running

When you make running fun for your little one, she will eventually start loving it. Don’t bore your toddler with drills and other pre-planned routines. What really matters now is that they enjoy running. Chase them around the house or have a race with them. This will help them enjoy the moment without having the pressure to be perfect.

2. Mix it Up

A predictable running pattern is so boring! You need to mix up the pace and the places when it comes to running with your child. Start by running in different places often.Make changes between running indoors and outdoors every alternate day to keep the running exciting. You can have special runs on holidays or when your husband is home. Take her out to the park or just create a track for her in the garden. Smooth running for toddlers does not come without its fair share of having to be innovative.

3. Trails and Encouragement

You can always get your toddler’s friends to join in on the fun. Have an obstacle course race for them. Encourage them to high-five each other on a job well done. Not only will the exercise build camaraderie, it will ensure your little one enjoy her time running. Also, encourage the other toddlers not to give up the race. When you instil good values at a young age, you can expect long-term results.

4. Even the Pace

Mix up the pace to ensure your toddler learns to run slowly but surely. You can start off fast and watch if she keeps pace. If she doesn’t, slow down a bit. Give her time to pace herself. When you run often with your little one, she will be able to run without much effort.

5. Correct Them

If your toddler is not running the right way, correct her. Only when you instruct her and give her constructive criticism, will she learn. Teach her to keep her legs straight without bending the knees. Teaching running to kids is a challenge, but a rewarding one nonetheless.

Moms, keep a tab on your little one when she dashes ahead of you. It is imperative to keep her safety as a priority. Allowing her to run about is good exercise. However, informing her about the sharp bends is necessary. She may receive a few bumps to the head. But, it is all part of the learning process.

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