Tips for Making Your 24 Month Old Toddler Draw Circle

Teaching Toddlers to Draw a Circle

At 24 months of age, toddlers gain considerable control over their motor skills. This is the right time to introduce drawing activities for toddlers to help them draw circles and other shapes. These interesting activities will make kids enjoy going round and round with their circles.

Have you been observing your toddler during scribbling time? In all probability, she supports her crayon with the help of her palm, and her thumb pointing towards the sky. Even as you show her how to hold crayons the right way, she makes rough strokes. At times, she may emulate your strokes vigorously to no avail. These hacks will help your toddler gradually create circles.

Tips for Teaching Your Toddler to Draw a Circle

  • Circles within a Big Circle

Take a large size sheet of paper and plenty of colorful crayons. Draw a big circle that’s capable of fitting many smaller ones within. Once your little one has seen you do this, flip the sheet over and draw one large circle for her to start with. Encourage her to follow the line with her favourite colours and keep drawing smaller circles until she can barely fit in a dot. Is she gripping the crayon too tightly? What about her posture? Has she been hunching over the sheet? Keep checking and correcting her and soon she’ll be drawing circles more easily.

  • Cut-outs and Flashcards

Making your 24-month-old toddler draw a circle is not something you can achieve in a day or even a week. From the crayon fleeting across the page to ill-formed globules making you nervy, you’ll have to go through it all. Why not try flashcards and cut-outs in circular shapes? Put a cardboard circle face down on paper and hold it in place with your finger. Next, ask your baby to go around it with soft strokes.

  • Pin and Thread

A 24-month-old toddler trying to draw a circle is bound to let things go out of shape. But, you can curb irregular strokes with the help of a pencil tied to a thread. The other end of the thread needs to be looped around a pin at the center of the paper. As your little one starts moving the pencil held firmly by her fingers and keeping the thread taut, a circle will slowly appear.

  • Outlining with a Bowl

Ranking high on the list of circle-drawing activities, this tip is easy to follow. Grab a bowl with a fine edge from your kitchen cabinet. Overturn it on a sheet of paper and help your toddler draw a neat outline around its outer edge. Once done, you can make dots for eyes and a curved line for a smile.

  • Two Half Circles

Do you have an old protractor lying somewhere? Draw a half moon and an inverted half moon with it. Cut out the shapes and paste them on a coloured sheet of paper to make a complete circle. Make sure that your little one is watching you do it. Now, encourage her to use the protractor to create a semi-circle, flip over the instrument, and ask her to draw another semi-circle just like you did.

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