Common Household Items That Make Great Toys

Tools That Toddlers Love To Play With

It seems to be an unsaid rule that children are more attracted to things that they are not allowed to play with. No wonder, most toddlers love to play with household things. There is nothing wrong with this as long as your tot is safe.

The truth is that most toddlers find household items more attractive than what lies in their toy chest.Your tot is on an exploring spree and will learn new things when playing with these household items. But, make sure that the items don’t pose any threat to his health or safety.

5 Household Things Toddlers Love to Play With

1. Keys

Metallic keys make a jingling sound which attracts the attention of the toddlers. It’s also compact in size and easy to hold.They also know that they can trick their parents by hiding these sometimes. However, the keys lie around the house and contract dust and dirt.When your toddler holds the keys, these are transferred into his system through his hands, making him fall ill. Also, the child could get hurt from the sharp edges of the keys. Thus, it would be a good idea to replace these with keys made of high quality, toxin-free plastic.

2. Remote Controls

These are one of the most loved household items that make great toys for toddlers. Enamored by the colourful buttons that emit a ray when pressed, your tot can spend hours with this.Considering children have a tendency of putting everything in their mouth, remote controls contain small keys that can easily come off and cause choking hazard. The batteries too are unsafe for children. So, replacing the real one with toy version would be a better idea.

3. Kitchen Containers

Your tot is astounded by the wide array of containers that he sees in the kitchen with different coloured items peeping out of them. But, some kitchen containers may contain items that your darling can easily choke on. Also the lids of the containers can be undone quite easily resulting in a huge mess. Make sure to screw the lids tightly before allowing your tot to play with these. Keep away the breakable containers from their reach. Avoid containers that contain small food items like corn kernels, fried nuts etc. to avoid choking accidents.

4. Pet Dishes

If you have pets in your house, chances are that your child will follow them everywhere. More often than not you may also see him playing with their food and water dishes. Remember that the mouths of pets contain lots of germs that’s enough to make your child fall ill. So,keep the pet dishes out of reach of your toddler.

5. Cardboard Boxes

How often have you seen your child ditching the new toy and instead going for the box in which it was packed? Well, there is nothing wrong with the box as long as it is free of pins and other sharp objects. However, make sure that the box does not contain bubble wraps or polythene covers which pose chances of accidental suffocation.

No matter, what your tot is playing with, keep a close eye on him to ensure that there are no mishaps. Can you think of other household items that the toddlers fancy?

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