Amazing Things to Find on a Nature Walk

Taking Young Kids on a Nature Walk

What is a nature walk? It’s as simple as spending time taking a walk through a forest, garden or along the countryside. Taking your child for a stroll in nature brings forth wholesome experiences and ignites creativity. You’ll be amazed at the things your child will absorb during these explorations.

Is your child getting too absorbed in today’s media driven environment? True, kids love their TV, video games, iPads etc., but taking them outdoors is essential for their physical and mental growth. How about planning a nature walk and integrating these little ideas that will leave your little one all twinkle-eyed and well-informed?

Facts and Ideas About Nature Walk for Pre-Schoolers

1. Explore and Enhance!

Walking through a forest trail, park, playground or any other place with lots of greenery can be categorised as a nature walk. Such venues offer good opportunities of exploring nature with children. As you trod along, ask questions, sing nature specific songs, make bird calls, collect leaves and flowers, look for odd forms on tree trunks, or gaze at the clouds sailing across the sky. There is a lot in nature that enhances the knowledge of kids, with exploration being the keyword!

2. Collect Nature’s Treasures

A good way of making a nature walk interesting for your little one is by letting her collect different things from her walk. Some of the common things to find on a nature walk are dried leaves or flowers, stones, insects, twigs, etc. Once home, encourage your kiddo to make decorations or arrange the collectibles in a line. This will open horizons for a new world of imagination. Also, she’ll get acquainted with changing seasons and the impact of climate.

3. Bird Watching

One of most interesting nature walk ideas for kids is bird watching. Tiny kids love seeing different varieties of birds and love to imitate their chirping. You may take along a camera with you to capture a flying bird, zoom in, and show the glistening feathers as it soars across the sky. And yes, do not forget to lug along a binocular; your tot will love to see the birdies close up.

4. Hands-on experience

By walking children in nature, you can help your child touch, feel, and see elements that are scarcely visible indoors. Your pre-schooler is only beginning to learn about air, water, solids etc. Nature walks will allow her to gain hands-on experience that will work wonders in validating her learning. Encourage her to touch and feel the coarse texture of the soil, the hardness of a rock, the changing state of water etc. Soon, she will surprise you by asking pertinent questions pertaining to nature!

5. What about Art Work?

Ask your kid to carry a notebook and a pencil in a small day bag. When you take a break in between your walks, encourage her to draw something related to experiences and nature walk memories. Remember to applaud the observations that she manages to capture in her sketches.

Nature walk with children is beneficial for their cognitive development. At the same time, it serves as a beautiful bonding time between parents and children.

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