Tips to Inculcate the Habit of Reading in Toddlers

Tips to Inculcate Habit of Reading in Toddlers

Books make great friends for life. Here is how you can instil the habit of reading in your little one. Kindle her imagination and watch your little one as she blossoms into an intellectual and creative individual with the help of the reading habit.

Your little one is slowly transitioning from being a baby to a toddler. Although her steps are small, she now walks with remarkable ease and can identify colours, fruits and flowers. As you watch her play, she leaves her basket of building blocks and goes to pick up a book lying down on the floor. Sitting cross-legged on the floor, she opens the pages of the book with curiosity. As you sigh contentedly and look on, she gets up, puts away the book and goes to the mound of play dough. Fret not! Now is the time to introduce her to the wonderful world of books and reading. Let us see how reading can enrich your toddler’s little world and mould her future for better.

Reading Improves your Little One’s Imagination

Place your little one on your lap and read out to her. As you both gently turn over the pages, she listens to the sound of your words, watches as your fingers point to the bright, colourful illustrations and in her little mind connects them both. In the process of reading, her imagination increases by leaps and bounds.

Reading Teaches your Toddler to be Independent

When your toddler picks up a book, walks over to you and demands the book to be read, she is learning her first lesson in making independent choices. Encourage her and read out to her even if it means reading the same book again and again. At this stage, your little one does not know what it is to be bored. Respect her choices and show your appreciation through a hug or cuddle, and tell her what a wonderful selection she has made.

Reading Gives your Little One an Educational Edge over her Peers

When you are reading with your toddler, you are not only telling her tales, but also educating and providing nourishment to her fast-growing brain. Reading improves your little one’s vocabulary, and she learns to speak with more confidence and less inhibition. This provides a definite edge to her over her buddies.

Some Tips to Make Reading More Enjoyable to Her:

  • Schedule a specific time in the day to read with your toddler. Choose a time, preferably before going to bed, when distractions and disturbances are few, and your little one can give her entire attention to the book.
  • Give your little one enough time to focus on each page, each picture and each word while reading. This will help her build a positive rapport with books.
  • Pick up books with colourful, bright illustrations. Your little one will be able to visualize the words that are read out aloud to her.
  • Always choose books with cloth covers which are durable and can be used for a really long time
  • Make reading a thoroughly enjoyable affair for your toddler by clapping and singing with her.
  • Say each word aloud. Change the expression on your face and modulate your voice to suit the situations. Your little one will learn to co-relate these tales to everything which catches her attention.

Finally, let your little one bond with the books every day and every moment. Books make friends for a lifetime, and once your little one grows up, she’s going to thank you for this. Surround her play area with the books. Keep them in brightly-coloured baskets or in low shelves and kindle her curiosity. Always remember, curiosity forms the stepping stone for further learning and by picking a book up, your little one has just made the right choice.

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