Top 10 Books for 2 Year Olds to Enhance Learning & Activity

10 Best Books for a 2-Year-Old- Enhance Learning and Activity in Your Toddler

Young mothers tremble when their child turns two years old. What is it they say again, the terrible two’s? But, you know, two-year-olds aren’t that bad…. especially with a book clasped in their chubby little hands! This age is right to get your kid interested in books. The bright pictures in storybooks will excite them and encourage them to point and ask you questions. Reading aloud a story to a two-year-old can also be a very engaging activity as it can capture their attention and interest. It can also be a bonding experience between parent and child. Reading storybooks to children from an early age increases their vocabulary and gives them the exposure they need to what is around them.

Must-Have Books for a 2-Year-Old

Here we will cover a list of 10 must-have books for 2-year-olds, including activity books for 2-year-olds and story books for 2-year-olds:

1. Pegasus My 500-Word Picture Dictionary

If you want to start your 2-year-old off on learning some new words, here is the perfect book which offers 500 different words depicted through simple pictures. Your child can expand his vocabulary by pointing to the pictures and repeating the words associated with them. You can also help him by constantly sounding out the words as you point at the pictures. Soon, your child will be able to recognize things in the real world as well, thanks to having learned them from this book.

2. Stomp and Roar English

Among the musical books for 2-year-olds, this book stands out as a must-have. George, Peppa and their friends have to reach Grampy Rabbit’s Dinosaur Park, but first, they have to track down a dinosaur egg by going down a dinosaur slide and following some footprints. This book has 5 sound buttons which your child can push and listen for an interactive reading experience. It also includes a song with the lyrics so that your child can sing along!

3. Future Books Having Fun with Colour 1

This is a great one among colouring books for 2-year-olds which has a number of pages and pictures for your child to colour in. Each page features a new illustration and will help your child to express himself artistically from an early age. Colouring books can help your child develop concentration and focus which will help him later on in his life.

4. Numbers Wipe and Clean Book

This book can help your child learn the numbers from 1 to 10 in a fun wipe and clean activity. It comes with pages that can be written upon and then rubbed clean later on so that your kid gets the chance to write the numbers, wipe clean and re-write as many times as he wants.

5. Wonder Colouring Book with Colour Hints Collection Set of 2

This colouring book has pages and pages of interesting and unique colouring pages for your child to colour in and promote his creativity. Each page has colour hints he can pick up on to pick a certain colour for a certain picture. This activity can help children improve their focus and concentration.

6. The Golden Fish Story Book

Reading books is an activity that can help young children pick up new vocabulary and become more confident in their communication. This book is an illustration-filled storybook which your child is sure to love. The book also has a moral ending as it revolves around a fisherman and his wife, on how greed and ambition bring about bad fortune.

7. Touch and Feel Jungle Animals Book

This book is perfect for your child to learn by touching and exploring. Each page has a picture which your little one can touch and feel. In this way, he can learn new things and names of animals in an easy and fun way.

8. Karadi Tales Rhyme Book

In the beautiful voice of Indian singer Usha Uthup, this audiobook is filled with songs about bhelpuri, mangoes, flowers and festivals. It will help your child get the true sense of an Indian childhood and learn a few unique rhymes which he will remember throughout his life.

9. 2-in-1 My Favourite Board Book of Fruits and Vegetables

This colourful board book has two topics – fruits and vegetables – which your child can learn about. Highly recommended by teachers, this book contains beautiful illustrations of different fruits and vegetables which your child can easily learn to name and remember.

10. 2-in-1 My Favourite Board Book of Colours and Shapes

An amazingly illustrated board book filled with different colours and shapes for your child to learn from an early age. This book is highly recommended by teachers and can help your child learn the concept of shapes and colours easily.

2-year-old learning books are almost always light, colourful and fun. Children at that age are more attracted by bright illustrations and splashes of colour and hence will respond better to teaching with the help of such books. They can learn to pick up new vocabulary, new expressions and new rhymes. This will help them go on to become enthusiastic leaders, confident in their communication skills. It will also instil in them a love for books and reading, which will increase their IQ going forward. However, parents also have to play an active role in introducing these learning books to their toddlers. Children at a young age have a very short attention span, so it is up to the parents to sit them down and take them through the activities of colouring, reading, and singing while having a book in front of them. Once the parents join in enthusiastically, the child will also follow suit and start involving himself more in the reading or colouring activity. You can be the starting point for him.

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