Tips for Helping Your Toddler to Walk Smoothly

Smooth Walking in an 18 Months Old

A toddler learning to walk smoothly requires patience and regular exercises. As motor skills increase, your child will be running right into your arms – minus sways or lurches! Get ready to walk along with your kid and make him sure-footed.

Helping your Toddler to Walk Smoothly

It’s Okay if Your Toddler is Walking Awkward

Your baby may not learn to walk properly until four to five months after his friend. Relax. There’s generally a wide variation in the time frames in which different kids get smoothness in their walk. But then, this doesn’t necessarily signal delayed walking or a leg problem. As they mature, children will be able to run and play equally well.

Better Motor Skills Equal Less Staggers

While some initial walkers would stagger around the room with hands held high above the head for balance, others would have what is called a toddler wide legged lurch where they keep bending forward in their gait. Slowly and steadily, 18-month-old toddlers start becoming sure-footed as their motor skills improve. Most of them would start picking pace as they find themselves better balanced with stronger muscles.

Try Leg Strengthening Exercises for Toddlers

An 18-month-old walking baby may showcase certain foot and leg problems that are making her lurch while walking. This is particularly true in the case of kids who start “cruising” after crawling. They tend to take the support of couches, tables, or furniture pieces for keeping them from falling off. This is where parents need to find the right ways to improve leg muscles in their 18-month-old toddlers. Visit a physiotherapist and get started with the prescribe exercises and movements to fix this problem.

Do Bow Legs Cause Lurches?

A toddler learning to walk smoothly may or may not have bow legs. Though most new parents may think otherwise, the fact is that all babies have bow legs when they are born. It’s quite common to find this outward curve of leg bones going away on its own by the age of two. In other words, bow legs will not affect your tot’s ability to walk smoothly.

You may be closely watching every developmental milestone your tot achieves- but hey, it’s alright if his walking is replete with lurches and lags now. They will go away in a few months as his muscle movements improve. If you are still worried, get in touch with a therapist.

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